Reviews Usine Bistro 38

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  1. Johan D.
    Johan D.
    • 26 reviews

    Both me and my girlfriend felt a bit of after the food, so wouldn't say it was an experience worth the money. Quite loud atmosphere and long waiting time for the food as well.

  2. Hans F.
    Hans F.
    • 40 reviews

    Bra mat

  3. Emelie L.
    Emelie L.
    • one review

    Really good food and lovely service. Me and my friend were more than happy with our meals (3 course) and serive. Will definitely come back!

  4. Irene R.
    Irene R.
    • 4 reviews

    Bra mat, service o atmosfär

  5. Julia S.
    Julia S.
    • one review

    Great everything. Except the playlist ... random songs from the staff kinda killed the mood when I had to hear Boys to Men twice! But that’s a little thing really...

  6. Mikael L.
    Mikael L.
    • 10 reviews

    Snabb service o rolig servitör

  7. Lovisa W.
    Lovisa W.
    • one review

    Det tog 1,5 h att få huvudrätten. Men maten var god!

  8. Sara F.
    Sara F.
    • one review

    Oätlig mat, brölig servitör

  9. Carl I.
    Carl I.
    • 2 reviews


  10. Ola A.
    Ola A.
    • 8 reviews

    Supertrevligt helt enkelt!

  11. Christer Å.
    Christer Å.
    • 7 reviews


  12. Rebecca M.
    Rebecca M.
    • 2 reviews

    Great service and food. We will go back there!

  13. Ida-Linn M.
    Ida-Linn M.
    • 2 reviews

    We began our evening with high expectations because we’d heard such nice things about this restaurant. When we got there it was crowded and cramped, which is a good sign cause it usually means that the place is popular and therefore good. Our waiter came quickly to the table, filled our glasses with water and gave us the menus. Or rather, threw them at us. We looked it through and quickly decided to have an apple/cinnamon mojito each to start with before ordering the food. But it took the waiter 20-30 minutes before the waiter returned to take our orders. So we ordered everything at the same time knowing it would take time before we’d get another chance. Soon the drinks came, they were horrible! Tasted only of alcohol and the bottom of the glas had an inch on cinnamon syrup which, if you were unfortunate enough to get into your mouth, was very unpleasant and grainy. When we got our starters we were so hungry, it was about an hour into the sitting. But our starters were very good! My boyfriend took the tartar and I, being a vegetarian ate the only vegetarian option they had - a variation of beets. But we were both very satisfied and all the bad was forgotten. Until the mains... I ordered the only option of vegetarian mains, cauliflower. And my boyfriend took the chicken sandwich. My cauliflower was dreadful! The first thing that entered my mind of my first bite was fish! It tasted exactly like fish due to the pickled romanesco. There were not any hint of any truffles and the burnt cauliflower was just mushy, in combination with the cauliflower purée it was a complete miss. Could not finish my meal and I am a cauliflower lover, I can eat it every night of the week. As for the chicken sandwich my boyfriend said it was the first time he had a chicken thigh that was tough. It was not deep fried in beer batter like the menu said, no guacamole and the pickled onion tasted lite pizza salad. Other than that it was completely plain and a disappointment. And to top it all off our waiter did not stop once to ask how the food was or if we wanted anything more. And the tone between the waiters was not polite and they have some stuff to work out between them. we understand that it was a stressful night for everyone working at Usine bistro 38 but we will not return. Only upside was the 40% off we got from ordering trough the fork.

  14. Maria R.
    Maria R.
    • one review

    A nice restaurant for a nice time! Excellent service and food :)

  15. Mikael E.
    Mikael E.
    • one review

    Kommer tillbaka! Brukar gå hit ofta!

  16. Stefan S.
    Stefan S.
    • one review


  17. David A.
    David A.
    • 3 reviews

    Staff seamed a bit tired, might have been a long day not sure but for that reason average. Nothing wrong with that but at the same time I didn’t tip.

  18. Kais H.
    Kais H.
    • 14 reviews


  19. C. E.
    C. E.
    • 53 reviews

    Väldigt bra service, god mat, internationell atmosfär.

  20. Serah Resid  T.
    Serah Resid T.
    • 75 reviews

    Good food, great place. Nice ambiance. And an amazing deal. Do not miss this if you're in this part of town.