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Chef’s recommendations Javier Goya, Javier Mayor y David Alfonso

Average price €31 Special request

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Food :8.6/10
Service :7.4/10
Setting :6.6/10
  1. Maria N.
    • 2 reviews

    Charged full price for one (1) piece of aspargus and some almond milk, a dish that I asked to have prepared without ham. Should have added extra vegetables at least. The cheese was nothing special att all. Two other dishes were ok.

  2. Patricia R.
    • 9 reviews

    In one word - underwhelmed.

  3. Ignacio a.
    • 5 reviews

    imposible cancelar reserva por Eltenedor.es

  4. Milagros N.
    • 2 reviews

    servico lento y caro incomodo, sin mantel ni pan, es horrible,

Practical information

Opening time

Comida de: 13:30 a 16:00 (excepto domingo)

Cena de: 20:30 a 00:00 (excepto domingo)

*Por las características y capacidad de la sala, se te puede asignar una mesa elevada o, en algún caso, mesa compartida.

Closing time

Del 17 de julio al 4 de agosto 2014.

How to get to the restaurant

C/ Santa María, 28, 28014, Madrid, Spain

Public transport

Metro Antón Martín, Metro Sol (L1)

About the restaurant

"* Due to the characteristics and capacity of the dining room, a high table or in some cases, a shared table may be reserved for you.

With the freedom of riding a bike, plus the extra stability provided by three-wheels, the proposal of TriCiclo restaurant is built. The revolutionary space of Las Letras neighborhood is reinventing the relationship between cook and diner.

With three experienced cooks and three gastronomic universe, you can choose the freshest produce, prepared with minimal processing to not modify their natural flavor. Choose the classic flavors cooked all the time required traditionally. Or throw yourself without a safety net into international dishes, surprising blends, avant-garde wager. You will enjoy each of these worlds, but in the combination, you will find the perfect result.

The space is casual and relaxed, but each detail is tasteful. Whether you are at a high table or sharing a tablecloth, it doesn't matter, you come here to eat. And the entire staff are experts, who will assist you closely and special care so that you enjoy the treasures hidden in each dish."


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Restaurant can be privatized (30 people max)

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