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Este es el proyecto de dos jóvenes barceloneses, el chef Sergi Palacín y el barman Ignacio Ussía, que se conocieron en Gaggan (Bangkok), el mejor restaurante de Asia. Han creado este gastro-cocktail bar donde sirven platos de carta y dos menús degustación, además de cócteles clásicos revisados y otros rompedores en los que usan nitrógeno líquido, hielo seco, espumas, gelificantes o esferificaciones.

Al llegar, te reciben con varios macerados y The Alchemix Table, la tabla periódica a imagen usada por los alquimistas donde Ussía explica sus creaciones. Ya en el comedor, de tonos ocres y con un gran mural de un campo oriental, rematas la experiencia. Para que te hagas una idea de su línea de trabajo, que une Asia y el Mediterráneo, en sus cartas (sólida y líquida) igual puedes encontrar un macerado de rabo de toro que un bacalao a baja temperatura con tempeh de alubias, unos huevos con morcilla de wagyu y kokotxas o unos puerros con avellanas, miso y trufas negras. Solo abre en horario de tarde-noche salvo los viernes y sábados, que se puede visitar al mediodía.


Benditas sean sus gyozas de cap y pota

Restaurant menu

Chef’s recommendations Sergi Palacin

New Year's Menu €105.00
Average price €75 Special request

Dietary requirements

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MENU Christmas Menu €105.00

This menu includes: Starter
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MENU Christmas Menu €75.00

This menu includes: Starter
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MENU New Year's Menu €105.00

This menu includes: Starter
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MENU Menú degustación corto 55 €

This set menu includes:Starter + Main course + Dessert
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MENU Menu 105€

Precio por persona, IVA incluido. Postres incluido, bebida a parte. Este menú incluye 15 platos a degustar
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MENU Menú Degustación 75 €

Este menú incluye 11 platos a degustar
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Scores & Reviews

based on 472 reviews
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Food :9.3/10
Service :9.7/10
Setting :9.2/10
  1. Maja A.
    Maja A.
    • 2 reviews

    Everything was perfect.

  2. Amelia c.
    Amelia c.
    • one review

    Cool little restaurant with a fantastic menu and excellent service.

  3. Guido E.
    Guido E.
    • 101 reviews

    A fantastic restaurant, possibly the only one of its kind in Barcelona, offering a delicate and refined fusion of Asian and European cuisines. We were impressed by the beauty and elaboration of each dish, by their originality and subtle use of ingredients from different Asian regions. The service was amiable and professional, thus helping us to have a great night.

  4. CARLOS F.
    • 26 reviews

    Superb food quality, design & service. Do not miss it while in Barcelona. The crew at The Alchemix know their business to perfection.

  5. Margarita  b.
    Margarita b.
    • one review

    Great food made by great people. It was nice to meet the owners and learn the story of how they met during the trip to Asia and how the ideas of the Katalane and Asian fusion cuisine came to their minds.

  6. Mike  E.
    Mike E.
    • one review

    The service was absolutely outstanding and the cocktails were really impressive. Shout out to the staff, really passionate about cocktails and willing to accomodate the customers needs, even though we were picky. While the food was good, we didn't feel it met the standards of fine dining. The first half of the dégustation menu were meeting our expectations. Then from the gambas rice, we had interesting combinations but with limited flavours, it felt like regular produces with a fancy presentation, and actually elaborated sauces. Sorry for the harsh note on food, but with fine dining pricing we have high expectations. I'd suggest to assess the premium quality of the original products to make the food.

  7. Carlos C.
    Carlos C.
    • 3 reviews

    Just amazing

  8. Stefano S.
    Stefano S.
    • 6 reviews

    Very nice restaurant: simple but with taste. We had a 6 course menu and all the plates were excellent, original and tasty. We opted for the ”marriage” of wines and it was a very pleasant surprise, not only did we get wine and cava but also a number of very good cocktails. Very professional service. Just two points: slow down the service (there is very little time between the courses) and transmit more clearly the joy of a very good cuisine.

  9. Lluis D.
    Lluis D.
    • 42 reviews

    Tor espectacular.????

  10. Ana i.
    Ana i.
    • 15 reviews


  11. Shai S.
    Shai S.
    • 4 reviews

    Daring and inspiring cuisine. Fusion in the most positive sense of the word. Attentive, discreet, efficient and very friendly service. Quiet atmosphere, very well decorated. One of the best restaurants we have been to in Barcelona,

  12. PATRICK O.
    • 86 reviews

    Very good, a bit different so that was good.

  13. Shanti  m.
    Shanti m.
    • one review

    The concept is very nice but the food good but I I miss vigorous tasty .. and quantity

  14. María Fideliz D.
    María Fideliz D.
    • 2 reviews


  15. Guðmundur P.
    Guðmundur P.
    • one review

    Fun, good food and fantastic service

  16. Wilmer S.
    Wilmer S.
    • one review

    It’s a proper fancy restaurant and they really do live up to that.

  17. Pavel H.
    Pavel H.
    • 31 reviews

    I had the special Christmas menu, 8 courses, and there were a couple highlights: the foi gras turron and the escudella, both amazing. The rest of the dishes were good and creative but it sometimes felt like the ‘special touch’ (like the rice pearl in the oyster) got lost within the dish’s complexity. Service was perfect and very attentive. Only wish they would have offered a wine pairing option, but the wines i was recommended were very good.

  18. Paul T.
    Paul T.
    • 6 reviews

    Extremely creative all around - drinks and food. We did the Christmas tasting menu and enjoyed every bite.

  19. Hannah Marie W.
    Hannah Marie W.
    • 40 reviews

    Excellent service and cocktails!! Very attentive and friendly staff. The concept is really interesting and throughout the menu, design and taste. Only minus point are the limited vegan/ vegetarian options on the menu. A tenedor discount would have been nice.

  20. Álvaro C.
    Álvaro C.
    • 2 reviews

    Muy original el maridaje con cocktail.Para repetir.

More information

Opening time


VIERNES Y SÁBADO: 13:30-01:30

How to get to the restaurant

Carrer de València, 212, 08011, Barcelona, Spain

Public transport

Metro Hospital Clínic (L5)

Directions to get there

, , Paseo de Gracia


, ,

Restaurant can be privatized (16 people max)

, Can be privatized, , , , , Wheelchair Accessible,

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