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  1. Mattia J.
    Mattia J.
    • 16 reviews

    Nice place, more "gourmet" than tipical trattoria romana, so are the prices. The atmosphere: quiet & cosy. Antipasto was delicious, pasta just ok and dessert was super delicious.

  2. Aris D.
    Aris D.
    • 12 reviews

    Definitely one of the best experience in Rome. Food was delicious and the waiters were great: ready to help and giving precious suggestions about food and wine.

  3. Marzia D.
    Marzia D.
    • 330 reviews

    Sempre eccezionali e impeccabili.

  4. Ami B.
    Ami B.
    • 16 reviews

    Taverna Angelica is an adorable restaurant, attentive to every detail in every way. From the time you enter, you are treated like family. Mariella, one of the owners, is so kind and warm, and super at helping you decide between everything on the menu—because everything is just so delicious! The presentation of every dish is beautiful, and most of all the flavors they put together are unique and outstanding. I’ve never seen or had anything that wasn’t top. Also the wine selections by glass and bottle are superb. Don’t hesitate to come here. Make your reservation now !

  5. Morís d.
    Morís d.
    • 4 reviews

    When you are on holiday we always hope to find that one special restaurant, for us this was it! The food and wine were delicious and the staff was very kind and clearly knew what they were talking about. You can tell the owner is extremely passionate about the restaurant and that shows in the quality of everything. We were with 2 people had 4 courses each and 2 good bottles of wine and spent about €75 per person. It was worth every cent. You can eat for less but do yourself a favour and have it all.

  6. Dennis H.
    Dennis H.
    • one review

    Unbelievably good food.

  7. Wolfgang F.
    Wolfgang F.
    • one review

    The menue surprice was really excellent ! The wine degustation was also excellent with extra wine for every dish.

  8. Cristina M.
    Cristina M.
    • 9 reviews


  9. Gigi A.
    Gigi A.
    • 12 reviews

    Staff very welcoming and quiet atmosphere, the dishes were visually appealing and tasty as well. Starters were excellent, but main courses left us a bit disappointed. Good overall. No problems with the yums discount.

  10. Sabrina A.
    Sabrina A.
    • 66 reviews


  11. Francesco F.
    Francesco F.
    • 6 reviews


  12. Peter v.
    Peter v.
    • 4 reviews

    Really good experience!

  13. Sean p.
    Sean p.
    • one review

    Very interesting creative food full of colors and flavors. Worth seeking out

  14. Jayme D.
    Jayme D.
    • 2 reviews

    They were wonderful! Made us feel Like we were welcomed into their house! definitely going again!!

  15. M.franca p.
    M.franca p.
    • 16 reviews

    Ottima e tranquilla serata!!!

  16. Barbara R.
    Barbara R.
    • one review

    Wonderful recommendations! The food and wine were excellent. Much thanks!

  17. John B.
    John B.
    • 8 reviews

    This has really become my "go to" place. ALWAYS a wonderful evening. The staff is AWESOME!!! Great food - not just pasta slapped on a plate, but really thought through and prepared very, very well. You'll LOVE it!

  18. Mathew N.
    Mathew N.
    • one review

    All dishes were served on cold plates.

  19. Volker S.
    Volker S.
    • one review

    A five-course "adventurous" menu: The cook doesn't understand that feeding your guest first with a handful of spelt (the "greeting from the chef":not bad in itself, but:), then with rice (so-called sushi: bland rice with nori coated in mashed potato!), then with rice again (risotto this time, tasteless again, though turnip-red nice to look at) bores the guests: nothing to tickle their palate. And make them wonder whether this only has the purpose of getting the guests's bellies filled... The pork-belly was just about okay, the problem that the main taste came from the pork itself, not of any of the other ingredients (what sauce actually was it supposed to be?); again we're at: boring. Lastly octopus arms, delicious, except again, the sauce didn't match the taste of the octopus, and the iced fruit did nothing to help. The dessert: good. Lastly, we hesitate to suspect that the fact we were charged twice for the dessert was deliberate, but one had better check the bill.

  20. Zach E.
    Zach E.
    • one review

    What a great experience! Our meal was outstanding and the staff/servers were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. This was our best meal in Rome! Thank you!!!