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  1. Roger B.
    Roger B.
    • 2 reviews

    We had satay and spring rolls, king prawn curry and chicken/garlic dishes. Taste and presentation was perfect. I’ve been to many thai restaurants, but this was one of the best. The price was also quite reasonable.

  2. Lyliane b.
    Lyliane b.
    • one review

    A conseiller

  3. Mark B.
    Mark B.
    • 13 reviews

    Very good Thai food. You can get it hot/spicy or not. The soups we had were very good as we're the main dishes. Some French desserts. My son said the Creme Brulee was very good.

  4. Christophe B.
    Christophe B.
    • one review

    Super and very good lunch We had there

  5. Rebecca W.
    Rebecca W.
    • 57 reviews

    Elegant restaurant serving quality food. Service was excellent. Our server spoke English very well which was a big help in ordering. Very friendly and attentive. Food prices are not cheap but you get what you pay for! Highly recommend!

  6. Simen B.
    Simen B.
    • one review

    Super! We will be back. Great food, good seating, kind personal and a good price for whats on the plates. The wine was ok for the food, but not anything special.

  7. Georgina A.
    Georgina A.
    • one review

    The decor make sure it perfect for a date night or casual dinner. We had the Seafood Fried rice, The Pineapple Fried rice and Red Curry. The food was superb, authentic and beat my expectations. Waiters are very attentive. It’s a shame I live in London, because I would visit this restaurant every week.

  8. Zenia G.
    Zenia G.
    • 47 reviews

    Good food but tooo expensive

  9. Elliot M.
    Elliot M.
    • 38 reviews

    Excellent and interesting Thai food, but the service is mediocre. The wine we had was not particularly well-chosen for the price point, but it wasn't a rip off either.

  10. Valerie G.
    Valerie G.
    • 51 reviews

    Bon petit resto thaï

  11. Tony C.
    Tony C.
    • one review

    Just ok, not great. Service was competent but not warm. Food was rather bland and portions were small but enough and prices were reasonable. Would not go back a 2nd time.

  12. Sandrine C.
    Sandrine C.
    • 10 reviews

    Un vrai délice

  13. Tony M.
    Tony M.
    • one review

    Fantastic Thai food in a cool setting!

  14. Phillip L.
    Phillip L.
    • 185 reviews

    Excellent dishes. A bit pricey, but the La Fouchette discount helped a little. Please be aware that (as our server explained up front) for them the discount only applies to entrées et plats, so we paid full price for our side dishes: liserons (a garlicky veg dish - very tasty), and rice, as well as the dessert: - a mango coco tiramisu (which was so good that my wife trumped our tacit 50/50 agreement and grabbed the rest)

  15. Ryan W.
    Ryan W.
    • 5 reviews

    The green curry chicken and crispy fish thing was good.

  16. Jingyu Z.
    Jingyu Z.
    • 4 reviews

    very good

  17. C-C T.
    C-C T.
    • 489 reviews

    Bon et bien...lf

  18. C-C T.
    C-C T.
    • 489 reviews


  19. C-C T.
    C-C T.
    • 489 reviews


  20. Kevin Z.
    Kevin Z.
    • 22 reviews

    Waitress ignored us for some time. Only gave us 2 menus for 5 people which was lazy and rude