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  1. Gunilla N.
    Gunilla N.
    • 2 reviews

    Quite and relaxing atmosphere. The waiter was fantastic. Great food and drinks. Really enjoyed our visit. We Will for sure Come back to this restaurant many times.

  2. Simone p.
    Simone p.
    • 153 reviews


  3. Hyunyoung I.
    Hyunyoung I.
    • one review

    100% satisfied!

  4. Alexey S.
    Alexey S.
    • 11 reviews

    Great service. Food full of flavours. Place looks really beautiful, but not intimidating. Highly recommended.

  5. Noreen L.
    Noreen L.
    • 5 reviews

    Superb service and food! They take care of the little details! Love the ambience. Overall I had a wonderful dining experience and I would high recommend to all.

  6. Alessio D.
    Alessio D.
    • 26 reviews

    A perfect place for a date! The atmosphere is warm and romantic, the staff is really nice. Although the portions were a little bit wretched, the quality of the food was really high!

  7. Minette R.
    Minette R.
    • 2 reviews

    Great food & service! Beautiful ceilings but dining room is too bare & somber. Kinda bleak ambiance. Suggest putting huge flower/plant arrangements here & there; change furniture from dark to lighter colors. Make it a more romantic & welcoming atmosphere.

  8. Fredrik K.
    Fredrik K.
    • one review

    The Lamb was fantastic!

  9. Tong G.
    Tong G.
    • 2 reviews

    We went there for dinner after attending the conferment ceremony. The food was amazing and the service was great but maybe a little bit slow since it was pretty fully booked evening. A lovely dining experience and great presentations/food plating.

  10. Helen H.
    Helen H.
    • 10 reviews

    Amazing food. We went for lunch and had the three course set menu. The entrée was my companion's favourite dish from the set menu. It was nettle soup which was amazing, but I would have liked the taste from the nettles to have been a bit stronger. The nattbakad oxkind paired with Grand Cru Rodenbach (beer) was absolutely amazing and for me the standout on the set menu. The deconstructed lemon and almond cake, was beautiful as well, but I really loved those knobs of punch crème and believe there should have been more of them. Great setting.

  11. Angelika H.
    Angelika H.
    • 7 reviews


  12. Janet J.
    Janet J.
    • 7 reviews


  13. Yuqing L.
    Yuqing L.
    • 14 reviews

    Second time I have eaten there. It’s definitely the best restaurant I had in Stockholm. People might assume it being super expensive but actually it’s totally normal reasonable price and very professional service. Instantly book to eat again.

  14. Valentina  D.
    Valentina D.
    • one review

    There are very small selection in the menu

  15. Rohan D.
    Rohan D.
    • 2 reviews

    Fantastic feed and great service! Had the tasting meny with wine ????????. Epic food journey with extra points for the paired Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

  16. Karim T.
    Karim T.
    • 19 reviews

    Excellent food, excellent staff, I do recommend this restaurant

  17. Crystal C.
    Crystal C.
    • one review

    Interior and food are both great but slow and disappointing service.

  18. Annika b.
    Annika b.
    • 3 reviews

    Fantastisk mat!!

  19. Nancy W.
    Nancy W.
    • 44 reviews

    Excellent experience

  20. Veronica C.
    Veronica C.
    • 39 reviews

    Great atmosphere with nicely presented and tasty food.