Menú degustación - Solidere, Madrid
Fachada - Solidere, Madrid
Sala exterior - Solidere, Madrid
Sala interior - Solidere, Madrid
Terraza - Solidere, Madrid
Te con hiervabuena - Solidere, Madrid
Hommos bil lahme - Solidere, Madrid
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Menú degustación - Solidere, Madrid
Fachada - Solidere, Madrid


Average price €21

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Scores & Reviews

  1. Saeed A.
    • one review

    Very good experience, tasty food. it was bit crowded. but worth each every single euro.

  2. Irene J.
    • 4 reviews

    Con ganas de repetir

  3. Sarah K.
    • 2 reviews

    Excellent food, service and great with children.

    • 7 reviews

    Los entrantes espectaculares.

  5. Ali H.
    • one review

    Best restaurant i hv ever been to in Madrid.

  6. Miguel C.
    • 5 reviews


    • 8 reviews

    Absolutamente recomendable la cocina, el servicio y el local

  8. Miguel A.
    • 10 reviews


  9. Jose B.
    • 12 reviews

    Un menú excelente

  10. Trevor G.
    • 2 reviews

    We will be back. Delicious!

  11. Bojan M.
    • 2 reviews

    We had menu de degustacion. The food was really good and there was enough of it, by the end we were full but finished the meals because they were so tasty. The lebanese sauvignon blanc was also great. We wish we had been able to sit in the back area of the restaurante, which looks more intimate than the front part, with a view of the street and the traffic.

  12. Nicola V.
    • one review

    Definetely the best Lebanese food I have had in Madrid. We have eaten and drank a lot at a very affordable price. I will go again soon!

  13. - -.
    • one review

    Foarte bun.

  14. Mohamad T.
    • one review

    The real taste of lebanese food

  15. Jos T.
    • 2 reviews

    Dissapointing, Wine was not good. Food had no taste. Staff spoke very poor or no English. Maybe wrong day, but had far better Libanees meals elswere.

  16. Merve o.
    • 8 reviews

    good restaurant. The waiter was kind and friendly.

Practical information

Opening time

Comida: de 13:30 a 15:30 (excepto lunes)

Cena: de 20:30 a 23:00 (excepto lunes)

How to get to the restaurant

Avenida Alfonso XIII, 39, 28002, Madrid, Spain

Public transport

Metro L4 (Alfonso XIII)

Directions to get there

Zona de fácil aparcamiento

Chamartín, ,

About the restaurant

"Madrid Chamartín district, Solidere restaurant, located in the avenida de Alfonso XIII, specializes in Lebanese cuisine. Its name refers to the lively and cosmopolitan Lebanese district of Solidere.

Mosaic of religions and different civilizations, the kitchen of the Lebanon reflects that variety of influences. Salads such as the Tabbule or the Fattush, handled in Solidere by local chefs, like everything else, are a marvel of fresh flavors that explode in your mouth. Dumplings, prepared with the delicately spicy dough of different flavors made by the chef, reflect that variety of flavors so typical of Middle East. Rich skewers cooked over natural firewood and other recipes like marinated chicken complete the selection.

The decoration is simple and elegant, none of those variegated pseudo-orientales environments, but intensely Lebanese with their geometric forms in the lattices of windows and other details. In the courtyard the fountain sings their its water verse, while upon finishing you relax with a shisa. Don't you already feel like you're in the land of the cedars?"


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Restaurant can be privatized (60 people max)

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