Reviews Solar dos Nunes

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  1. Mario T.
    Mario T.
    • 11 reviews

    Always a pleasure to have a meal at Solar dos Nunes, either business, family or friends. Impeccable food and service and looking forward to return.

  2. Tozzi A.
    Tozzi A.
    • 2 reviews


  3. Marco R.
    Marco R.
    • 78 reviews

    Buen producto y cocina

  4. Ricardo F.
    Ricardo F.
    • one review

    Superou as expectativas...

  5. Apolinario P.
    Apolinario P.
    • 2 reviews

    One of my all time favourites

  6. Phillipa G.
    Phillipa G.
    • one review

    The staff was super nice and the atmosphere was great. The food however, was super disappointing! I am Portuguese and know the cuisine well.. the menu reads well but execution was very disappointing. The best part was the apps.. everyone at the table felt the same. They used to be great but it seems they are loosing their footing. Service was great!

  7. Nuno B.
    Nuno B.
    • 10 reviews

    Just an all round amazing experience, good atmosphere with extraordinary service and excellent traditional Portuguese dishes at their best...!

  8. Donald w.
    Donald w.
    • one review

    Long waiting time for the food - a lot of tourists around - food quality was below average compared to other restaurants in Lisbon for this price level.

  9. Benny W.
    Benny W.
    • one review

    We asked for a medium filet and obtained first a raw one and then a well done one. My wife asked for lamb ribs and they were overcoked with almost no meat.

  10. Nadia S.
    Nadia S.
    • 2 reviews


  11. Richard B.
    Richard B.
    • 40 reviews

    Service is amazing. Super friendly and helpful. Portions are huge. May consider splitting g a main. We had a lot of leftovers. The steak and pork were good. Te homemade chocolate ice cream is awesome like Hagen Daz. The sweet rice was good too.

  12. Kristian Ø.
    Kristian Ø.
    • 4 reviews

    Food was fantastic. Smoking inside by other customers was really bad :( i don’t understand why they allow it

  13. Carla n.
    Carla n.
    • one review

    Ambiente familiar, equipa fantástica sempre atenta. Super simpáticos Recomendo vivamente Comida excelente

  14. Rafael A.
    Rafael A.
    • 2 reviews

    Wonderful the service and the testing was wonderfully..... Thank you!

  15. Clara G.
    Clara G.
    • 16 reviews

    This restaurant is great! Delicious traditional food with very friendly and attentive staff!!! We have celebrated the anniversaries of my husband's parents and we could not have chosen a better place. We will surely comeback as the menu is very large and we have to try different dishes next time. You won't regret to come to this place! A must in Lisbon!

  16. Ricardo N.
    Ricardo N.
    • 2 reviews

    Cobraram entradas que nem vieram para a mesa...

  17. Ricardo S.
    Ricardo S.
    • one review

    Good food. But even considering the quality of the food, I consider it a bit pricey. Good for a special occasion.

  18. GONCA B.
    GONCA B.
    • 2 reviews

    As the taxi driver said %100 Potuguese.. The food is good, the ambiance is cozy and the service nice snd friendly. Try the fish soup for 2 servings.

  19. Bruno T.
    Bruno T.
    • one review


  20. Judite C.
    Judite C.
    • 6 reviews

    Wonderful room and amazing food but two guests where smoking indoors which last time I checked is against the law. Second smoking hand smoking should not be part of a meal.