Saravanaa Bhavan

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Food :8.8/10
Service :8.5/10
Setting :7.2/10
  1. Satyeash P.
    • one review

    Evrything was tasty and delicious vegetarian food.

  2. Narayanan S.
    • 2 reviews

    Dosa's are the hot pick. They can have their specialty menu displayed on a big board

  3. Viktor S.
    • 2 reviews

    Worn seats. Metal trays to serve and eat from. Food tasted good but could have been fresher and presented nicer. Cucumber slice had really started to dry up... I was recommended the place to have an authentic Indian meal and it might have been so but no effort was put in to the delivery.

  4. Sharon v.
    • one review

    Authentic restaurant: food and also noise..:-)

  5. Elisabeth T.
    • 13 reviews

    Great Food and kind people.

  6. Jenifa M.
    • 2 reviews

    Yes, Paying for food is worth except the rooti because some parts of it were over burnt and the tandoori-oven chef should take care of it. Ofcoz, we enjoyed Dosa and Falooda but unfortunately we had to eat our food wearing warm jacket inside the restaurant and i noticed that all the waiters wear warm sweater under their shirts. To console myself ,with curiosity, i touched a heater and it was only lukwarm. Tips*** if you are planning to go there either for lunch or dinner ,please don't forget to review weather condition or don't take your warm jacket off inside the restaurant,otherwise you would feel as if you were eating ice in the freezer! The food quickly gets cool within minutes. Anyhow i am going there again once it is summer.

  7. Angelin P.
    • 2 reviews

    Was te doen

  8. Maurice V.
    • one review

    The worst dining experience ever!I was with my girlfriend and her friend couple of days ago.The reception was awful nobody even noticed that we were there.The waiter/waitress were clearly unskilled as the service was horrible and not so friendly....We waited almost 45 minutes for our food.We ordered dosa,coffee,some indian brood and curries.Dosa was cold yet okay and something unique,curry and brood were the worst I've ever tasted.The brood was burned and dosa cold. Me and my gf have dined in some of the best Indian restaurants in time but this experience was awful and worst.Never gonna go back for sure!

  9. Anna B.
    • one review

    We decided to go to this place as it was recomended by a friend. We did not like the place, the food, the price and the service. We ordered something, but other food was served. they did not charge for it, but this was not our mistake in fact.Tables too close to each other, too noisy and waiters look like they are misplaced. No time to describe the dishes, explain how to eat them, etc...in few words: not my place. Also expensive considering the poor quality of the food. I would not recommend this as a good Indian restaurant. Very strange someone can consider this food as a high quality food. We left tip anyway, but not as rewarding...

  10. Harsh A.
    • one review

    Went for lunch today with my English colleague to this pathetic place. After the order was placed (which lady repeated twice to us just to confirm, stupid) we were told that onion bhaaji is only available in the evenings and we have to change the order, which we did. After a short while our complete order (sans Rava Dosa and pineapple juice) as put on our table all at once without any regards to that starters should be served first and main course later. Anyways. After about 20 mins. when we inquired about the juice and dosa, we were told that there was no one to prepare juice for us and she (the waitress) will take pains to prepare it herself, and as head chef is not there, dosa is taking some time to prepare. After another 20 mins. when we inquired about the dosa again we were told that due to problem with the gas, the chef has prepared and thrown away dosa twice and he is making yet another effort to prepare it. Another 10 - 15 min. later we are told that dosa order has been cancelled. WTF!... Really?.. Not even a remote apology in place... Then we line up on the counter to pay our bill and surprise - surprise, we are being charged or the dosa which was never served!.. After asking for and getting the correction done, the guy at the counter looks at us in hope for a tip! At this point I just lost my mind... Such a horrible experience. Worst part is that they never even apologized which proves to me that they do not really care about their customer service and / or this is much too frequent an occurrence. Venture in at your own risk!

  11. Nishant S.
    • 33 reviews

    The food is definitely as good as authentic Indian taste gets in the Netherlands. Mind you, that this is a chain that specializes in South Indian snacks. I'd highly recommend the many different kinds of dosas (savoury pancakes) that they have. And you HAVE to end your meal with a cup of filter coffee - the quintessential south Indian hot beverage. The staff is nice and friendly. The decor could definitely use a touch though - I'd not even have minded the simplistic decor reminiscent of India instead of the almost-gaudy one they have now..

  12. deepa2703
    • 4 reviews

    I visited the restaurant last week together with my husband and i specially went there for masala dosa which is my favorite. Masala dosa was really nice. My husband ordered north indian thali but the dishes in thali were all looking same and there were no taste at all. Ambiance was fine. The utensils what they used are not really clean and not of European standard. I hope they will do some improvement there. I will recommend the restaurant for really nice dosa and would like to go again for dosa only.

  13. - -.
    • 12 reviews

    I really like this place partially in spite of and in part because of its chaos factor (food arriving at various times like naan at the end of the meal, confusion about who ordered what, and what the tasty thing that arrives even is). But if you can go with the flow and accept a bit of disorder, the food is fun and very flavorful, and there is a kind of surprise because one is likely to be utterly unfamiliar with the cuisine, and because the descriptions do little to help one imagine what will be served. The restaurant has been packed both times I've been, and the service is friendly and very attractively self-effacing. Drinks are a bit on the expensive side but don't let that deter you.

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Stadhouderskade 123, 1074 AV, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the restaurant

A perfect combination between taste and quality. That's in short what you’ll find in Saravana Bhavan. The flavors of India come to you in the heart of Amsterdam. That are a lot of flavors, because the Indian cuisine is as diverse as you could wish for. And everything is always presented on a bed of quality and attention, because that’s a high priority for Saravana Bhavan as well.


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