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  1. ROSA C.
    ROSA C.
    • 11 reviews

    pesce fresco

  2. Veronica Q.
    Veronica Q.
    • 35 reviews

    1000 volte Sa tanca...1000 volte soddisfatta

  3. Richard T.
    Richard T.
    • 162 reviews

    Excellent restaurant où l’on se régale

  4. Keith C.
    Keith C.
    • 2 reviews

    Excellent attentive service, great food (we had the taster meal and struggled to finish so I recommend that you go very hungry !). Very busy with people being turned away, so also recommend you book in advance Will be returning

  5. Scott R.
    Scott R.
    • 8 reviews

    The very freshest of raw fish paired with sweet fruit; delicious and reasonable Sardinian wine, well prepared tempura fish and vegetables were the highlights.

  6. Espen K.
    Espen K.
    • 2 reviews

    Fantastic food and really good recommendations from our waiter. Really a good gem to visit in Rome.

  7. Adriana E.
    Adriana E.
    • 4 reviews

    Excellent fresh seafood and really great service!

  8. Theresa H.
    Theresa H.
    • one review

    High level service and the food was delicious!

  9. Nicolas B.
    Nicolas B.
    • 19 reviews

    Highly reccomended!

  10. Helge m.
    Helge m.
    • 3 reviews

    we liked everything very much, an unusual evening, a beautiful interior, very good quality fresh seafood, and a very attentive but not intrusive team, thank you very much !!!

  11. David m.
    David m.
    • 23 reviews

    Excellent quality Italian seafood. Good ambience in an elegant setting. Pasta dishes quite large. A good selection of reasonably priced wine. A bit slow in refilling wine and water. Highly recommend.

  12. Maria K.
    Maria K.
    • 5 reviews

    The dinner was very nice with complimentary prosecco and dish from the chef. The shrimps was very fresh and grilled perfectly. Good options of wine. My evening at your place was really nice. Thanks

  13. Stephan N.
    Stephan N.
    • 6 reviews

    Wonderful and memorable dining experience.

  14. Donna h.
    Donna h.
    • one review

    This restaurant is really good, the staff are excellent and explain each dish, we have been in Rome for a week and this is the best food we have had by a mile, even though the restaurant was full it didn’t seem crowded, if you like fish then you must try this restaurant

  15. Gustavo N.
    Gustavo N.
    • 8 reviews

    personale attento e premuroso

  16. Luca E.
    Luca E.
    • 7 reviews

    Disappointing is the word that comes to mind first. The location next to Via Nazionale (full city center) had me captured in a feeling of elation and anticipation, especially seeing all the high scores from the foreigners who visited the place. Here’s the story: it is Good Friday, just before Easter, and my wife and I want to treat us according to our belief, without eating meat, this is why I use The Fork to find a seafood place instead. Entering the place is already an experience: the atmosphere is heavy, the walls all covered in Pompeian red and the light is dull and faint so they immediately light a candle at our table. The place is almost desert when we arrive at 8:20 pm and we are welcomed by a glory of waiters that are all in all very well mannered, if anything a tad too obsequious. So many waiters (no woman except the owner) clash with a rather empty ambiance. We notice it and the atmosphere is not great, but we are there for the food and enthusiastically go through the menu; a very long list of items that are difficult to really combine in a uniform offering although it is all fish and seafood indeed. We go for the petit plateau a mix of raw fish starters to share (40€) a ‘tempura’ of shrimps and veggies and then spaghetti con le vongole for my wife and the very Sardinian ‘fregola’ that I love, with lobster, and a glass of wine. The raw fish arrives super fast served on a very ample metal course dish, full of ice, fruit and in between some ‘crudité’. The raw shrimps and the scampi were very good, but the rest (canocchie, fasolari, noci di mare) was honestly not and further to the taste some of them were so covered in ice that they were almost frozen: not a good experience and a very expensive fruit salad. At any rate let’s get on... we are finished in 15 minutes and just after 5 minutes the bring in the rest of our order... fast; too fast. My fregola with lobster is a joke: despite the fregola itself being cooked well, that’s pretty much the only good thing I can say about that: half a lobster (cooked when? It was all rubbery and bland) just covered in a ridiculously small quantity of fregola, which was bland itself and not a joy to eat (at 25€ a plate I’m rather disappointed). Then the easiest thing in the world: spaghetti con le vongole; come on, they couldn’t possibly have made this wrong... right?! Wrong!! Not only were they bland, but super dry and a tad over cooked. It almost felt like all that food was prepared hastily, with several parts of it revived from previous cooking. At this point, my wife and I don’t feel anymore like spending any more of our hard earned money there and simply offer an espresso to close the disappointment and get out. In summary: food experience was very poor, in a gloomy and dim atmosphere. Food should be life and joy; this place just isn’t. Regrettably, i then understand an adage that I should have listened to this time as well: restaurants in the city center are (if not all, very many of them) a tourist trap. People feel so inebriated by the rich Pompeian red tapestry, the candle light and the fact that they are in Rome, that they simply overlook how good the food is and its quality, especially when they get so easily distracted by other things (ie the old fashioned ambiance and the obsequiously mannered service). We then went on to eat a dessert on a nice place on via Nazionale itself. THAT was good.

  17. Dana d.
    Dana d.
    • 8 reviews

    I read it was good, but the food is amazing. Will return for sure????

  18. Fabio T.
    Fabio T.
    • 3 reviews

    Good place good fellings and good food

  19. Angelo G.
    Angelo G.
    • 22 reviews


  20. Simone B.
    Simone B.
    • 21 reviews

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