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Jardincito Inca

Home made lima bean hummus and fresh baby greens.


Mixed platter of cuts, cheese and olives.

Streetfood Platter

Mix of delicious street food, ideal to share.


Empanadas Argentinas

Minced beef & olives, chicken & cilantro, cheese & eggplant, pork sausage & chimichurri, sea food mix.

Tacos de Santo (2)

Mexican tortillas, roasted pork, pineapple, cilantro, green tomatillo.

Tacos Abuelita (2)

Mexican tortillas, pulled pork, achiote, cilantro.

Four Fingers

Delicious cheese quesadillas, guacamole, chorizo, frijoles and sour cream.


Deep fried cheese fingers with guacamole.

La Gallina Gloria

Sweet and spicy glazed chicken with mango / madame jeanette. (scotch bonnet pepper)


Ceviche Nikkei

Thinly sliced pieces of fresh raw seabass cucumber, soy, sesame oil, ponzu, leche de tigre.

Ceviche Rocotto

Fresh seabass, Peruvian spicy red pepper, fried quinoa, sweet potato.

Ceviche Tiradito

Fresh seabass, Peruvian yellow aji.

Main Course

ENTRECOTE - Bife Chorizo - 200 gms.

A little less tender but full of flavour because of the characteristic rim of fat.

Rib Eye 300 gms.

Pride of Argentina. Marbled fat and tender juicy meat create a delicious steak.

TENDERLOIN - 200 gms.

Amazing, soft tender tenderloin, almost no fat at all.


Glass of wine
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