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  1. Ana C.
    Ana C.
    • 16 reviews

    The right place to come if you want to try a different perspective... the team is really nice and the work they do with small producers something to be really proud!

  2. Marc V.
    Marc V.
    • 7 reviews

    Original Concept and good food overall. Good and friendly service. However it was a bit disappointing in some aspects: - portions are really too small for the price - the choice of vegetables to accompany too limited, and - some essential parts of the pork are missing from the menu (ribs, ears, loin...)

  3. Isabela T.
    Isabela T.
    • 21 reviews

    I wasn't impressed by the food and overall I found it to be quite expensive. The dishes described as "To share" aren't exactly big enough to share. The idea (which I overheard the waiter explaining to the table beside me as no one explained it to me as I arrived) is that each person orders around 2 dishes or more to be satisfied. In total I ordered 3: 1 starter (disappointing as there was barely any pork meat on the soup) and 2 "to share" dishes: the pork belly was just ok and the pork croquette was good. I paid more than twice for what I usually pay at lunch and left just as satisfied. I wouldn't return.

  4. Mark L.
    Mark L.
    • 19 reviews

    It was very quiet the evening we went, but that meant we got extra attentive and friendly service, on top of the really tasty food. The quality of the ingredients really showed through with the simplicity of the recipes. Não está und porcaria nenhuma!

  5. Maria C.
    Maria C.
    • 4 reviews


  6. Mankica K.
    Mankica K.
    • one review

    A place with a great concept.

  7. Lorena A.
    Lorena A.
    • 29 reviews

    Tapas bar with a exquisite touch

  8. Barbara S.
    Barbara S.
    • 21 reviews

    Great food and service, the mood was kind of strange this last time the music was diferent

  9. Siobhan M.
    Siobhan M.
    • one review

    The tomato soup with poached egg is really good! Croquetes and the platter of chouriço , morcela and farinheira was good too and i love that there is an option to make the sandwiches into a wrap! I like that is place is very relaxed, the menu isnt confusing and the staff are friendly! Overall, a very good experience!

  10. Afonso V.
    Afonso V.
    • 5 reviews

    Space is good but the bathrooms really ruin the mood. we tried a salad and a ramen. The salad had too much vinegar and it is really expensive for some lettuce pork and carrots. We complained about the vinegar (it was impossible to eat) and they suggested the eggs which were OK. We ended up being charged with the salad and the eggs... Ramen was OK. There were a few dishes not available as well.

  11. Kirstie c.
    Kirstie c.
    • 8 reviews

    Great friendly service! Food was amazing and so was the wine!

  12. Johann G.
    Johann G.
    • 84 reviews

    Very atypical. We ordered a bit at random and everything was delicious, all around the pig. I had some pig cheek, cooked during 12 hours, and it was a pleasure. I would have never ordered that if not at random, and I bless my luck. Downside: the service was totally random too, and long. A big group of people was very noisy. But the staff was very helpful and lovely, so a very enjoyable evening nonetheless.