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In één van de schattigste steegje van de grachtengordel tref je Italiaans restaurant Pianeta Terra aan. Dit restaurant dat alweer zo’n 16 jaar in Amsterdam zit is gevestigd in een pand uit de 17e eeuw. Het karakteristieke gebouw fungeerde vroeger als paardenstal. Leuk om te weten: Waar nu de bar zit daar stonden vroeger de drinkbakken. De met wit linnen gedekte tafels zijn verdeeld over drie etages waardoor je in verschillend intieme hoekjes in alle rust je Italiaans maaltje kunt oppeuzelen. Bewuste eters zitten hier overigens goed. Los van het feit dat chef en eigenaar Fabio Antonini de meest kunstige borden uit zijn keuken tovert kookt hij ook met zijn hart. Zo kiest hij voor biologisch vlees, duurzame vis en kookt hij met groentes uit het seizoen. Hij fermenteert zelf ook veel groentes zodat hij ook buiten het seizoen gebruik kan maken van bepaald groen. Ook zijn ze aangesloten bij Slow Food dat zich afzet tegen de industriële productie van voedsel.

Geschreven door: Susam Pang van BySam.nl

Fotografie door: Susam Pang van BySam.nl


Tip van bySam: Probeer ook hun brood. Die maken ze namelijk iedere dag zelf met hun eigen moederdesem. Yum!

Restaurant menu

  • Average price €43 Special request

Chef Fabio Antonini recommends…

Menu 3 courses
Wine pairing

Dietary options

Organic food, Vegetarian dishes

Ratings & Reviews

based on 515 reviews
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Quality of food :9.4/10
Service :9.5/10
Setting :9.3/10
  1. Manuela M.
    Manuela M.
    • one review

    I had dinner with my husband on Friday night ; we chose this restaurant because we had passed by pretty often and from outside it seemed a pretty cool restaurant. The food was an amazing experience ! I had the 5 vegetarian courses and my husband had burrata and fish: the chef proposals were outstanding in both menus! I really recommend this place!

  2. Simon N.
    Simon N.
    • one review

    Very friendly and informative. Food was delicious, wine pairing was perfect.

  3. Sami A.
    Sami A.
    • 2 reviews

    Great restaurant. You choose the desired quantity of courses, the chef then decides what you eat. Everything was delicious and not too pricey, we did the 4 course and a bottle of wine.

  4. Jacqueline M.
    Jacqueline M.
    • one review

    Came here to celebrate my partner’s birthday and we had a lovey evening. We went for the 5 course meal and it was spectacular. Not your typical Italian dishes, but exquisite incredients and presentation. The staff were also very attentive which we appreciated. Worth a visit.

  5. Lo S.
    Lo S.
    • 8 reviews

    Great place for a lovely evening and tasty food. Price vs quality is excellent.

  6. Andre L.
    Andre L.
    • 2 reviews

    Heel goed en plezierig gegeten. De witte wijn uit Sicilië, de Grappoli del Grilo, was echter een behoorlijke tegenvaller, op zichzelf al (vatrijping nauwelijks te proeven, dun, enigszins zuur, weinig smaak) maar helemaal in relatie tot de prijs (euro 67). Risotto en de gnocchi waren subliem. NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT The undersigned: 1. , a , having its statutory seat in and registered address at and registered with the trade register of under number (“”); 2. , a , having its statutory seat in and registered address at and registered with the trade register of under number (“”); The undersigned, as defined above under 1 and 2, will hereinafter be referred to collectively as the “Parties” and each as a “Party”. WHEREAS: (A) Parties are discussing technical collaboration, hereinafter referred to as: the “Purpose”; (B) In connection with the Purpose, is anticipating to reveal Information (as defined under (C) below) to , and is anticipating to reveal Information to , in order to enable the other Party to evaluate the Purpose. 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  7. Arianna M.
    Arianna M.
    • one review

    I had the opportunity to go in this restaurant with friends for the new year's dinner. Our experience was really positive .We have found an High quality and creative cuisine, the staff was really professional and friendly showing Attention for the client. I reccomend this restaurant to explore new tastes and enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine.

  8. Kai H.
    Kai H.
    • 17 reviews

    we come here often because the atmosphere and food are great. i have to say yesterday Raul was not there and we missed his excellent serving and food introduction. the service was still good but not the same. they offered something on the house and that was not mentioned when served and considering that is a "surprise menu " and you dont know what you receive that led to confusion because it was very tiny and we thought it was one of the courses. anyway great place to spend a quality night but make sure you have Raul servinf you and he will make your night special. if something is on the house they should say it considering the pricy menu

  9. Charli H.
    Charli H.
    • one review

    Absolutely amazing restaurant. I loved the experience!

  10. Gabe P.
    Gabe P.
    • one review


  11. Lotje R.
    Lotje R.
    • one review

    Really good food, quality price balance was right, fantastic service and beautiful place in Amsterdam for this Italian Restaurant, the best Italian of Amsterdam!

  12. Christian S.
    Christian S.
    • one review

    Warmly welcome even though we came with kids, charming SERVICE and authentic italian atmosphere. Food was very delightful and served as a Creative arrangement.

  13. Nilson S.
    Nilson S.
    • 5 reviews

    Great food - exactly what I would expect from a high end Italian cuisine restaurant. The perfect mix between traditional techniques and creativity.

  14. Alison P.
    Alison P.
    • one review

    Excellent service, fabulous food, would recommend.

  15. Paul V.
    Paul V.
    • one review

    Finally found a restaurant in Amsterdam that has skate on the menu. Delicious creative food. Just let the chef pick your dishes and the wine pairing. Pianeta Terra is going in my top 5 restaurants in Amsterdam

  16. Pieter v.
    Pieter v.
    • one review

    Uitstekende bediening. Terzake en snel in staat (en bereid) het menu aan te passen aan specifieke wensen.

  17. Andy W.
    Andy W.
    • 3 reviews

    Great service, fabulous food & a wonderful atmosphere- highly recommended. Set off the main thoroughfare, this restaurant is well worth a visit. Tasting menu was beautiful

  18. Felicity  ..
    Felicity ..
    • one review

    Extremely tasty!! Service perfect and very professional! Loved the ambience. Grazie Mille for the candle in the pudding for my birthday! Will be back

  19. Ewelina B.
    Ewelina B.
    • one review

    Definately recommend this place. Nice atmosphere and great food. We liked the way you could pick what type of dishes you wanted and they surprised you with the meals.

  20. Martin O.
    Martin O.
    • 12 reviews

    Very friendly service. Charming man with impressive beard:). Wasn’t mad about the raw langoustine but everything else was top. Also the wine arrangement was excellent. Will be back.

More information

Opening time

Monday to Thursday 18:00 - 21:30

Friday/Saturday 18:00 - 22.00

Sunday Closed

Closing time

Ons restaurant is gesloten op 11 augustus t/m 27 augustus 2019 ivm vakantie.

How to get to the restaurant

Beulingstraat 7, 1017 BA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Directions to get there

Paid parking in the neighborhood

About the restaurant

Our Chef Fabio Antonini is an Ambassador of the Slow Food Alliance network of Chefs that protects food biodiversity around the world.

We do our utmost to support small local producers by using their products every day, as well as those of the Slow Food Presidia and The Ark of Taste.

When we opened Pianeta Terra in 2000, we made a conscious decision to always work with organic, natural and sustainable produce.

Experimentation and creativity is at the heart of what we do. Honouring the values of both the past and the present, we fuse innovation, tradition and imagination to treat the palate to culinary courses that are at once harmonious and unique.

Our menu tells our story. A story of travels made, of cultures encountered, of passions followed. A story we want to share with you. Through the dishes we prepare. Dishes that combine the local produce of today with the global flavours of our past.



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