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De naam Petossi klinkt Italiaans, maar niets is minder waar. Petossi is het restaurant van de uit Brabant afkomstige Bart van Berkel. Komt de naam je bekend voor? Dat zou heel erg goed kunnen want Bart won in 2014 nog MasterChef. Nadat hij er met de winst vandoor ging deed hij ervaring op bij gerenommeerde chefs en bracht hij een kookboek uit. Nu kun je bij zijn stijlvol ingerichte restaurant zelf ervaren waarom hij eerste werd bij dit bekende tv-programma. Petossi betekent overigens boerenkoolstamppot in het Brabants. Ook wordt het woord gebruikt om iemand te complimenteren als hij of zij lekker heeft gekookt. En dat is nou precies wat je bij restaurant Petossi kunt verwachten, een mooie maaltijd die er ook nog eens kunstig uit ziet. Voor de bereiding van zijn gerechten gebruikt chef Bart alleen Nederlandse producten. De smaken zijn echter internationaal en wat je kunt verwachten zijn mooie smaakcombinaties en ware smaakexplosies.

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Chef’s recommendations Bart van Berkel

Average price €49 Special request

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Food :9.6/10
Service :9/10
Setting :9.1/10
  1. Jelte K.
    Jelte K.
    • one review

    I wish I still had Twitter and Facebook, so I could shout out to the world that the best food I've eaten in 2019 was at Petossi. Not just because the menu was season-appropriate and perfectly sized; also because of the subtle way the different dishes of the chef's menu were woven into each other, and the great wines that accompanied them. FOH was excellent and very attentive, every cue was picked up on very fast.

  2. Eva A.
    Eva A.
    • 8 reviews

    Excellent service and fresh seasonal products arranged in the most beautiful and tasty dishes. Every detail is taken care of. The oysters and the Tomasu Dutch sauce were fantastic. Relaxed atmosphere. Definitely a place to come back again.

  3. Liliana H.
    Liliana H.
    • one review

    Like in heaven;)

  4. David K.
    David K.
    • 3 reviews

    subpar to ok food They try to be sophisticated with an attempt to meld different flavors but most don’t really click Very expensive for the quality of the food provided It’s a problem when your wait staff is also helping with the food prep Nice service though

  5. Michael S.
    Michael S.
    • 3 reviews

    Excellent, great flavors and combinations. Good friendly service. Michelin star level without the over elaboration.

  6. Maud G.
    Maud G.
    • 3 reviews

    Excellent food but the service is loooong...toooooo long.

  7. Thom v.
    Thom v.
    • one review

    Fantastisch gegeten, bediening was ook top!

  8. Ben S.
    Ben S.
    • 6 reviews


  9. Riitta T.
    Riitta T.
    • 5 reviews

    We had dinner here for our friends birthday and it was such amazing culinary experience that we want to come back soon. Chef is an artist, Service was pleasant and quick and atmosphere was modern and cozy. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

  10. Emma K.
    Emma K.
    • 33 reviews

    What a great place- classic dutch food with an elegant twist. Elegant presentation yet sufficient portions. Very pleased with the wine too.

  11. Marcel D.
    Marcel D.
    • 3 reviews

    Very Nice food, good vibe, Nice staff

  12. Lennaert v.
    Lennaert v.
    • 5 reviews

    Great food. Especially the signature dish with the ‘drop’ (liquorice) was amazing. Each service bag was balanced between the opposite flavoura (sweet vs salt or sour vs spicy vs strong fragrant flavours) and textures (crunch vs creamy etc). And though the black brigade was one man short, they kept an eye on every table and ensured all were serviced and served appropriately.

  13. Katie J.
    Katie J.
    • 24 reviews

    Excellent service and excellent food. We opted for the “surprise” menu but unfortunately the surprise menu is listed on the website, so each course to me wasn’t that much of a surprise... don’t list your surprise menu on your website! However, each dish was superb and I highly recommend.

  14. Olaf d.
    Olaf d.
    • 7 reviews

    Very nice.. Still enjoying as we speak. ;-) review just came in during the dessert..

  15. Rick K.
    Rick K.
    • 2 reviews


  16. Casper P.
    Casper P.
    • 7 reviews

    Great great restaurant that brings back memories of my (Dutch) childhood. Great to have the flavours of the 20th century Dutch cuisine catched in very pretty 21st century plates. Perfect wine and beer pairing. Wonderful staff. Will be back soon!

  17. Anne W.
    Anne W.
    • 5 reviews

    Great food, friendly service, but waiting time was far too long in all aspects. We waited quite some time before we even received the menu and the waiting time in between courses was unacceptable (we entered the restaurant around 7 p.m., but still had no main course at 10 p.m.) In all other repects a great restaurant, but this spoiled it for us.

  18. Aleks M.
    Aleks M.
    • one review

    My wife and I each had the five course chefs menu with wine pairings. Compared to such offerings at other fine dining establishments, the price was very reasonable. The food was well presented and delicious. The only minor issue was that we assumed that the desert / cheese portion was included. It wasn’t. So if you’re asked if you’d prefer the sweets or the cheese, remember that it’s extra.

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How to get to the restaurant

Lange Veerstraat 15, 2011 DA, Haarlem, Netherlands

Directions to get there

Parkeergarage de Appelaar

About the restaurant

Try this restaurant where the cook is really "the boss". Every day he makes something different, something new. If you choose the Chefs menu, the dinner is a complete culinary surprise, but you can be sure to enjoy what will be served on your table! Dishes of the whole world pass the revue here but the base remains a bit Dutch. Very well presented and served; a lust for the eye but definitely for the stomach!


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