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Winter Restaurant - Mercearia

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"Ovos Rotos" (scrambled eggs with fries) with black pork chorizo and mushrooms with Garlic Virgin Olive Oil "Su'Alma"
Tuna "Estupeta" (our tuna salad)

Biologic Olive Oil OR Sweet Potato OR Fennel OR Oreganos


Fish and Seafood Cappuccino flavoured with "Adega Velha" Firewater
"Caldo verde desfeito" (typical portuguese cabbage soup) with crispy Black Pork Chorizo

Main dishes

Asa Branca Codfish Loin with Calasparra Rice of tomato and penny royal
Asa Branca Codfish crepes with crustacean sauce and green salad
Tuna Steak with fries and fried egg
Black Pork Cheeks comfit with sautèed mushrooms and rosemary vinegar, Calasparra rice of corianders
White Veal Beef with fried egg
Mercearia Veal Chop with salt flower, sweet potatoes chips

Side dishes

Fried Potatoes
Sautèed Potatoes wiht "Sabores do Monte" herbs
Potato Peels
Potato Chips with salt flower and oreganos "Sabores do Monte"*


Our Trilogy - combine 3 of our dessers

Chocolate mousse, Morello Cherry Foam, Cheesecake, Caramel Fondat, Pear Crumble, Abade Priscos Pudding, Crême-Brûlèe

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