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Van Gogh potato

Sweet potato cooked in Absinte with seasonal vegetables, black truffle from Norcia and 'Blu di Morozzo' cheese

The Poached Egg

Poached egg, radicchio infused in Barolo wine, buffalo cream cheese mozzarella

mozzarella cheese bavarian

Mozzarella cheese bavarian with tomato heart, on pumpkin crumble and drops of basil

Fish variation

Mackerel with lapsang black tea and Alba white truffe cream, Seared amberjack with citrus fruits, celery and lemon chutney, Raw scampi and soy mayonnaise

The 'Fassona' Meat

Knife-cut 'Fassona' meat from Piemonte served with salted eggnog, avocado cream, capers and quail eggs

First Course


Autumn vegetable soup with zucchini and 'Chiodini' mushrooms


Mantovana pumpkin cream, goat's 'tale' cheese with crunchy muchrooms and croutons of 'polenta'

The 'Cappellotti' Pasta

Chestnut's 'Cappellotti' pasta stuffed with capon and 'mazza di tamburo' muchrooms, sweet cheese fondue and grape must

The Signle grain Cappelli

Senatore Cappelli's Spaghetti with Cesanese red wine, sautèed porcini mushrooms spiced with thyme

Water & Flour

'Taccozzette? rosemary fresh pasta with soup beans, chestnuts and mussels


Lemon risotto, pepper biscuit powder and purple shrimp carpaccio

Main Course:Fish

Kind Prawns

Seared king prawns with flax seeds on a potato and pepper soup


Golden fried cod in almond crust, sweet and sour red Tropea onion and cauliflower in double consistency


Red mullet sanwiches, orange, ricotta and anchovy with sweet garlic sauce


Seared amberjack with pistachio crust, purple cabbage, potatoes and carrots

Main Course: Meat


Slow cooked pigeon breast, legs bonbon, mixed stew mushrooms ans cassis drops

The Pork

Smoked pork fricandeau, dried fruit, apple quince and spinach

The Hugs

Duck and lamb with orange honey flavored with pinecone with pinenuts and vegetable cube

The Beef

Neapolitan chop, stuffed with 'sultanina' grapes, pine nuts, lard, parsley, garlic and pecorino cheese with beef ragout


Chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and pomegranate
Crepes with currant, cream goat cheese and cunchy dark chocolate
Raspberry, mascarpone cheese and pistachio
Crème caramel and crunchy pecan walnuts

Tiramisù with mulled wine

Seasonal fruit mosaic

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