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  1. Lionel P.
    Lionel P.
    • one review

    Great restaurant! A must in Brussels!

  2. Angela G.
    Angela G.
    • 2 reviews

    We ate from the set menu @ €34.50 but one of the main courses was unavailable leaving no choice. A substitute could have been offered so we didn’t have to suffer the bland risotto.... One of the dessert choices was also unavailable but that was substituted.

  3. Matilda G.
    Matilda G.
    • one review

    I had a lovely time, great service & excellent food, I would definitely return. However, because the tables are rather close to each other, the lady next to my table was flicking and brushing her hair just above everything that was placed on the left side of my table - the condiment bottles, bread left on the bread plate, even my glass of wine was in "danger" of getting unintentional additions. I moved everything to the right side of my table which essentially this was fine only because I was dining alone so I could make do with 2/3 of a table.

  4. David A.
    David A.
    • one review

    Great place - good ambience, excellent food and service

  5. Pascal C.
    Pascal C.
    • one review

    Restaurant que je recommande activement.

  6. Roberto C.
    Roberto C.
    • 4 reviews

    Very nice evening!

  7. Katarzyna P.
    Katarzyna P.
    • 8 reviews

    Great place!

  8. Omer l.
    Omer l.
    • one review

    The food was ok but not more. I expected more than that

  9. Thierry J.
    Thierry J.
    • one review

    Adresse à retenir !

  10. Katinka V.
    Katinka V.
    • one review

    Some dishes were average, others really good. Wine served at wrong temperature. Service below average, sometimes almost disrespectful

  11. Tapani P.
    Tapani P.
    • one review

    Really good food in a classic restaurant: very popular so reserve in advance.

  12. Harry V.
    Harry V.
    • one review

    A really good restaurant.Prefer the dishes of the day

  13. Joy B.
    Joy B.
    • 2 reviews

    Great place for a special lunch. Really good food, attentive and friendly service. The portions were very generous.

  14. DANNE C.
    DANNE C.
    • one review


  15. Nicola P.
    Nicola P.
    • 15 reviews

    Nice stylish ambiance, live atmosphere without excessive noise, sufficient space between the tables, well prepared dishes, good service. A very good address.

  16. Frédéric  M.
    Frédéric M.
    • 7 reviews

    A fantastic place, very elegant, fresh and delicious and good service. It was a bit too hot but the rest was perfect. We had bar en croûte de sel which I would strongly recommend.

  17. Laurent G.
    Laurent G.
    • one review

    First, they did not get my reservation (done through the Fork application). Fortunately we could still get a table. Second, service is sloppy. They forgot our wine, our bottle of water, error in our order,... However, the food was very good and the staff very kind, so still a pleasant place for dinner in "Les Sablons" area.

  18. Katie R.
    Katie R.
    • one review

    We had a wonderful time and the food was delicious!

  19. Denisse D.
    Denisse D.
    • one review

    A lot of food, service is quiet good. The food could be better.

  20. Kevin H.
    Kevin H.
    • 4 reviews

    Everything here is great. They could use better chairs. Being cramped is a little uncomfortable on small hard chairs. But once the food arrives all is forgiven.