Reviews Les Fables de la Fontaine

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  1. Olivier F.
    Olivier F.
    • 4 reviews

    excellent restaurant !

  2. Thibaut F.
    Thibaut F.
    • one review

    En tout points de vue excellent

  3. Adrian C.
    Adrian C.
    • 2 reviews

    A cozy restaurant with really great food. Visited withmy fiancée and we ordered the ala carte menu set. The egg parfait starter we had was amazing with many levels of flavours in it. Another dish we would highly recommend is the dessert "Crunchy meringue, exotic fruits salad, papaya’s pickles, hibiscus sorbet". It was a real stunner. Amazing how the unique flavours of the ingredients come together so well. Staff were friendly and prompt with their service, although they had a bit of struggle explaining the dishes in English. Point to note: The restaurant is not very big, so the seats given to us were quite cramped and it did dampen our experience slightly.

  4. Pearl S.
    Pearl S.
    • 4 reviews

    My 2nd time here... very good... the food just gets better ???? Love the relaxing ambience, good food, great service, happy people, love it ! Will come back again definitely ! ????

  5. Moris O.
    Moris O.
    • 23 reviews

    One of my fave restauranrs in Paris, strange that it lost the michelin star, definately deserves it!.

  6. Susan P.
    Susan P.
    • one review

    What a find! The food was fantastic, the service was efficient and very friendly! The restaurant is sparkling clean. Impressive! We will return for sure!

  7. Mitchell L.
    Mitchell L.
    • 3 reviews

    Superb cooking - especially the vegetables - but the full set menu was pretty hefty and overpowering; little done to manage down the quantities. Doubtless great value.

  8. Niels F.
    Niels F.
    • 7 reviews


  9. Haixin G.
    Haixin G.
    • 3 reviews

    The location is great, we could see the Eiffel Tower on the way to the restaurant. The staff are welcoming and nice, however the food taste doesn’t really match its price. Also the portion is relatively small.

  10. Martin S.
    Martin S.
    • one review

    A nice restaurant with very good quality of the dish, very fresh and excellently spiced. The wine we had (a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire) was very good and absolutely worth the price. The place you sit is a bit small, but the ambience is excellent.

  11. Kah On Y.
    Kah On Y.
    • 2 reviews

    The starters were very pretty looking and tasted pretty good too. There were some decorative crackers that unfortunately were not crispy and unevenly cooked. Still the taste of the dish made up for it. We had seabass for the mains and whilst it was well cooked and tasted great, there were still a few pieces of fin bones still there. The lamb confit was good and filling. The chocolate dessert was excellent. All in, it does reflect its bib gourmand rating and not at a Michelin star level.

  12. Tricia T.
    Tricia T.
    • 2 reviews

    Great service, good food!

  13. Koichi I.
    Koichi I.
    • one review

    Since it was rain, inside was quite cold, but door was opened.

  14. John C.
    John C.
    • 3 reviews

    Arrived on time for our reservation, and despite making it a month in advance we were seated outside in the wind with one other tourist couple. We saw the list of the other reservations and it was not long enough to fill the restaurant. Clearly there was some priority given that we did not meet. While waiting to order, a homeless man comes up to me from my blind side and sticks a cup into my face begging for change. The wait staff did nothing to shoe him away, and after I ignored him for a couple of minutes he moved to the next couple. Service was friendly; food nothing special. Half way through our plots, a younger couple sits down a table away. The guy, which I would best describe as a douche-bag shoves the chairs of the ajoining table towards us to make more room for him and his date. I guess he thought he was special. We finished our plans and paid our bill, even leaving a 10 euro tip, although I don't know why I did. There are an endless amount of better restaurants to choose from in Paris. Useful experience.

    • one review

    When the meal comes to the table, no any description for the food. The appetizer is too sour to eat, and the main dish is just one shrimp!? We were still hungery after this meal.

  16. Kevin K.
    Kevin K.
    • 8 reviews

    A very pleasant visit to have my lunch there. The lunch set menu is really reasonable for the quality of the food. The starter of kale cabbage salad is too acidic for me. The main corn broth and seafood is really delicious with the taste of corn and seafood well balanced. Poached pear is also excellent to me but I think the cream with a strong almond taste may not be to everyone's liking. Maybe put that on the side instead of on the pear.

  17. John L.
    John L.
    • one review

    Food and service are great. Would highly recommend

  18. Jiayin Z.
    Jiayin Z.
    • one review

    The service was great! But the food and flavors were not good. I'm not sure how or why or when they were Michelin rated but it feels like they were trying to be unique with the flavors but not successful with some of the combinations. Food was dry, bland and not something I'd go back for. Regrets for spending the money on lunch here.

  19. Yanina A.
    Yanina A.
    • one review

    Amazing service! The food was tremendous! Definitely deserved Michelin star, in my opinion must be starS. It is a must visit while in Paris, just gorgeous

  20. Gwenael L.
    Gwenael L.
    • 4 reviews

    lovely courtyard with a great ambiance. service was great just a perfect break for the lunch. staff accommodated us outside and the food was excellent. we highly recommend.