Les Enfants du Pirée

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  1. Karen T.
    • 6 reviews

    We have had mixed experiences here over the times we have frequented it, but fortunately it was again a very enjoyable one this time. The service, given also the waiters who were working that day, was once again very friendly, nicely contributing to the good atmosphere and food.

  2. Karen T.
    • 6 reviews

    I give feedback and credit where it is due - always. I will also not change my tune and give an 8/10 when during meal order a waiter comes and accuses me of having only given a 6/10 the time before when they "deserved more". Defensively and rudely adding, that anyways doesn't matter (translated from French), "because people will come anyway". So perhaps I should elaborate: Why was 6/10 warranted before: because they asked my grandfather not once, but four times, just upon completing our main course if we wouldn't mind moving tables for an incoming group. This would not have been an issue were there a necessity for us to be moved mid meal (we would have then been totally understanding) i.e. Wheelchair user, lacking upstairs space etc. Why now: because of the unwelcoming & unfriendly score accusation given in front of the whole table, upon entry whilst ordering - which was really uncomfortable. We have enjoyed the food, staff and atmosphere in the past (and hopefully will continue to do so) in the future.

  3. Karen T.
    • 6 reviews

    I have been a couple of times and usually I am pleasantly surprised with the service, quality food/price, and general atmosphere. Today however, I was totally disappointed by the way they handled service - it was haphazard, felt rushed and not the most friendly. Instead of using their upstairs (lots of available space) for incoming guests, they asked my grandfather and I (mid-meal - just after main meal) if we could 'kindly' move to another table so they could combine our table to another to allow a bigger group to enter. Had this only been kindly asked once, it would have been alright. But when we first answered that we would rather finish our meal there, they asked again. Talk about making clients feel comfortable and valued! Therefore, really defeats the client-experience and a total faux-pas in my humble opinion. Hence, although we initially started going there due to nice service and atmosphere - today was sadly a ruined dining experience.

  4. - -.
    • one review

    We were 5 persons. A family dinner. The atmosphere is nice, the quality of the food good (nothing extraordinary), the portions are correct and the service friendly and very good.

  5. Francisco A.
    • 17 reviews

    Nice restaurant. Cosy ambiance, good service and most importantly quality food (big portions).

More information

Opening time

Lunch: from 12 to 2.30 PM

Dinner: from 6.30 to 11.30 PM (from Monday to Friday)

Dîner : de 18h30 à 00h30 (samedi et dimanche).

How to get to the restaurant

572, chaussée d'Alsemberg, 1180, Uccle, Belgium

Public transport

Tramway Bens (T51)

About the restaurant

BUT WHO’S PIREE - Located on the Alsemberg roadway in Uccle, "Les enfants du Pirée" is a Greek restaurant that offers all its country specialities (mezze, souvlaki, moussaka), as well as lunches and group menus.

MEDITERRANEAN COOKING - Come and taste the steamed lamb kokinisto, the Kouenili Stifado (rabbit leg with tomato and shallots), and many other tasty dishes.

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