à la carte

to share with drink

Plate of cheese
-“potatoes party” (French fries with sweet potatoes and classic potatoes)
Crispy chiken (paned chicken with corn flake and sweet chili sauce)


Smoked salmon with thym, endive and sarrasin
Soup of the day
Foccacia with black olive, houmouss and mustard push
Crispy duck and red cabbage salade

Main Course

Vegetables wok and quinoa
The Q.L Burger, Home Made Fries

Fries (Chopped Steak 180g, stewed onion , Cheddar, pickles , Sucrine Salad )

Bream filet, muslin of the day and exotic sauce with olive oil
-“Pot-au-feu”French speciality and vegetables
Scallops, fondant leeks and piquillos cream
Butcher’s Meat (dépending of arrivals), homemade French fries and sauce “tigre qui pleure” ( sauce with ginger, chili and soy)


Crème brulée and caramelized fruits
Homemade chocolate cake, creamy caramel sauce
Cold soup with pineapple and coconut, litchi and meringue
Homemade cookie with wisky/coffee cream
Gourmet coffee or The
Cheese plate From Xavier Thuret

Menu 19€

This set menu includes:Starter + Main course + Dessert
Please note: The main courses listed above are susceptible to change depending on market availabilty. All changes are will be indicated.
By booking this set menu, you will be able to order either this set menu or "à la carte" if you change your mind.


Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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