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Le plat du jour

Monday : Macaroni au Gratin, chicken morsels, arugula salad & parmesan
Tuesday : Coq au vin with Egg Tagliatelle
Wednesday : Bons baisers de New York ! - Chicken’chips, sauce Gribiche
Thursday : Home made chicken sausage with mushroom, fried garlic & parsley potatoes, green salad
Friday : Roasted fish of the day with giblets, vinegar jus & mashed potatoes

Offal platter

Livers, apple & heart brochette, glaced wings, spicy poultry croquettes

The 'Eggz'

Soft boiled egg with salmon egg & sea weed butter finger bread
Egg Mimosa with Tuna filets from the Conserveira de Lisboa
Sunny side Up eggs with thyme flowers,  smocked duck breast Tartine


Westermann’s Terrine en croûte of goose Foie Gras


Le Coq Rico’s Minestrone, smoked duck breast, Coco beans, seasonal veggies, parmesan & Pistou

Poultry salads

Roasted chicken livers & white asparagus, Hollandaise sauce Dressing
Roasted chicken oysters, raw & cooked beets, sesame seeds Vinaigrette

The Noble Poultry Yard

Guinea Fowl Suprême, hazelnuts & almonds crumb, fava beans & artichokes fricassée
Spices lacqued duckling, roasted white asparagus & brocolis puree
Roasted Mesquer Squab, fingerling potatoes, bacon, onions & sweet pepper fricassée

Rôtisserie Birds

Quarter Challans region chicken
Dombes region Duck, confit & roasted
Auvergne Region Guinea fowl
Bresse Chicken breed
Chicken “Cou-Nu” breed from Vaucluse region
Side : Thick cut fries, Oven Macaroni cheese, Seasonal vegetable fricassée
Seasonnal side : Fava beans, green & white asparagus fricassée with chicken jus

Poultry, Fish & Shellfish

Roasted John Dory & duck breast, Green vegetable & lemon confit fricassée


Pecorino cheese, black cherry jam from the Basque region
L’ile Flottante, soft meringue & crème anglaise
Caramelized Brioche bread façon Westermann, Poached pear & beer ice cream
Vacherin, Meringue, whipped cream, strawberry & basil sorbets
Chocolate Millefeuille
Sorbets: strawberry, basil, dark chocolate - Ice Cream : Bourbon vanilla, fudge, Beer


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