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Wijnklimaatkast - Le Coeur Bistrothèque, Amsterdam
Le Coeur - Le Coeur Bistrothèque, Amsterdam

Restaurant menu

Chef’s recommendations Vincent Garcia

Average price €40 Special request

Dietary requirements

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Scores & Reviews

based on 117 reviews
  1. Danielle M.
    • 4 reviews

    Une belle découverte, excellente table et service impeccable.

  2. Anthony B.
    • one review

    Very good - would recommend!

  3. Budi K.
    • one review

    This restaurant is a true hidden gem. Lovely decor, delicious dish offering yet tentative service. We started our evening with pumpkin soup and off-menu fennel soup. The seasoning was spot on and what we needed was pinch of cracked black pepper. Speaking of wines, they do not have set wine pairing to go along with each dish. However, do not hesitate to ask your servers, they will reccomend nice pairing wine to go along with your dishes. For main dishes, we ordered pan seared sea bass with lemon risotto and off-menu sweet bread with sweet peas and gnocchi. Delicious! To close our evening, we decided to order strawberry mousse with meringue on top and crust on bottom and cups of coffee. Amazing! Lovely staffs and service was above and beyond what we expected. Definitely we reccomend this restaurant.

  4. David P.
    • 26 reviews

    Well-executed French classics in a nice environment, with a good wine list by the glass. Very recommendable!

  5. Shai D.
    • one review

    The food was excellent and tasty. The service was relaxed and attentive. I don't drink alcohol and unfortunately they don't have any non-alcoholic cocktails, which was the only minus point in the whole experience

  6. Karl S.
    • 3 reviews

    The food was great but the service was inattentive and impersonal and the portion size among mains was variable.

  7. Emma K.
    • 23 reviews

    Quite like being in a Parisian Bistro, except I probably like the decor better here! The dishes were large and rich, the wine selection by the glass very interesting, (also by the bottle) and the staff swift, knowledgable and well trained. Even the bathrooms were great! A wonderful place to treat yourself. (Only bad comment is about the Rabbit Terrine. Odd texture.)

  8. Jules E.
    • one review

    Beautiful restaurant. All of our dinners were superb from the oysters to the veal . Service was very pleasant. All of our dishes were beautifully cooked and delicious. Only negative we finished our meal and requested the desert menu to be told kitchen was closed. Would have been helpful to have been advised of the kitchen closing time when ordering as this influenced meal choices, we chose dishes to leave room for desert but this was unavailable our table was 830.

  9. Tom S.
    • one review

    What a great dinner we had! Excellent service with full attention to detail. Set-up of the tables was a bit off but that’s the only thing that comes to mind when giving feedback. The rest: superb!

  10. Banly C.
    • 4 reviews

    Food was great. But slow serving

  11. Karin R.
    • 5 reviews

    Superfijne borrel en diner gehad! Toptent!

  12. Skylar S.
    • 5 reviews

    It was a super nice place, very helpful staff. We arrived later in the evening and they had run out of several dishes. I enjoyed it there although the wait for food was a bit long. We only received 4 slices of bread for 4 people which I also found a bit odd. But otherwise, good wine and great food.

Practical information

Opening time

vrijdag 09:00–23:00

zaterdag 09:00–23:00

zondag 09:00–23:00

maandag 09:00–23:00

dinsdag 09:00–23:00

woensdag 09:00–23:00

donderdag 09:00–23:00

How to get to the restaurant

Hartenstraat 24, 1016 CC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the restaurant

Le Coeur Bistrothèque vertelt het verhaal van de tradionele Franse keuken in een eigentijdse ambiance. Chef Vincent Garcia, geboren in Picardie, en opgegroeid in Bretagne, brengt de verschillende Franse kookstijlen samen in de 9 straatjes. Ons gevarieerde Franse menu dat zowel als bite, lunch en diner wordt geserveerd is bereid met voornamelijk Franse seizoensproducten. Onze speciaal geselecteerde bieren, cocktails en Franse wijnen maken de gehele beleving van Le coeur compleet. We hopen U binnenkort te mogen verwelkomen.




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