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Creamy and softs. With boletus, ham, leek, cecina


To spread delicious crackers

Giant mussels from Galicia

Preserve gourmet marinaded

Chorizo or truffle small egg york parcels

A crispy skewer to eat in one bite

Cockle at galician sauce
Foie from the sea

A original mix with monkfish and duck foie

Main Course

Oxtail stew

Delicious family recipe

Galician style octopus

Dressed with paprika, olive oil and salt

Iberian secret meat

100% iberian pork

"La Finca" beef burger

Mature beef and Antequera bread...with potatoes and blue chesee

Cod in tempura
Meatballs in sauce

Delicius recipe with vegetable sauce



Steak tartare


Cecina from León. Gold Medal Prize
100% Iberian Ham
Iberian mixed plat

From orchard

Tomato salad dressed with olive oil

Flavoured and aromatic tomato from the nord dressed with a gourmet oil

Potxola Salad

An original mix of beet, orange and blue cheese

Potxoladas artichoke (unit)

Confit atichoke in extra virgin olive oil

Candied asparragus

Asparagus confit in extra virgin olive oil and flambléed

Russian salad with belly

Made with fresh vegetables daily and with tuna belly


Our famous chesse cake

Homemade recipe made with quark chesse and cream

Homemade flan

Elaborated daily with fram eggs



Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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