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  1. Barbara Joy C.
    • 291 reviews

    Very satisfying, as always. Perfect!

  2. Barbara Joy C.
    • 291 reviews

    We selected l'Alchimie for our first real dinner out in Paris for this summer (we're in Paris every summer for a couple months) because it is my favorite place to dine in this city. The restaurant did not disappoint; the food was delicious and creative, and the service was warm and friendly. The foie gras is always a surprise -- served in some different way every season. The sole meuniere was outstanding, and actually a very good value. Broccoli flan instead of potatoes with the sole was a pleasant surprise. The dessert of the day, a fresh strawberry macaroon, was beautiful and sweetly delightful. We'll be back to l'Alchimie soon!

  3. Steven S.
    • 37 reviews

    I was surprised that the ONLY choice was a set menu, no "a la carte" menu. This forced me to take a 2 or 3 course meal when all I wanted was a main dish and a glass of wine for lunch.

  4. Christine J.
    • 347 reviews

    Belle carte et prestations, service attentionné.

  5. Pierre S.
    • 16 reviews

    service efficace, plats légers

  6. Rémy L.
    • 41 reviews

    Bon restaurant.

  7. Laetitia B.
    • 2 reviews

    The food is good and fresh, but it used to be better. Service is ok.

  8. Barbara Joy C.
    • 291 reviews

    The best sole meuniere ever!

  9. roy t.
    • one review

    Solid French cuisine, good service, but no highlighting surprises. Price is ok, very good wine card.

  10. Keith R.
    • 56 reviews

    We were well received, had a quiet table as requested and had a really excellent & enjoyable meal. What more do you want?!

  11. Lizzy H.
    • one review

    Lovely restaurant, nice French food, great friendly service, lovely wine. Will definitely visit next time

  12. Chris L.
    • one review

    A dinner for two. Appetizers: Foie gras ravioli with squid ink and the sea bream and fennel tartare. Mains: Beef cheeck and the brill filet. Desserts: cheese plate and grandma's apple tart. The sea bream and fennel tartare says it comes with a spiced bread toast or croutons. I could not find anything of the sort on my plate and even went so far as to ask where they were. I was told they were underneath, but I can assure you there was nothing crunchy to be found anywhere in the appetizer I ate. Not that it wasn't good. On the whole the appetizers were the most impressive part of the meal. The mains were both very good, though the mashed artichoke puree was more strange than delicious. I would certainly eat the beef cheek again. The flambéed apple tart was fine, but not inspiring.

  13. Olivia T.
    • 3 reviews

    very welcoming but some of the flavour choices didn't really work, and the chefs special was bland

  14. Vincent T.
    • one review

    Excellent food and service with a talented chef and a affordable price.

  15. Vincent L.
    • 3 reviews

    We had a stand-out meal at l'Alchimie, this is modern french cuisine with added creative flair and everything we tried was tasty. The clientele is a mix of locals and regulars, l'Alchimie is on a side street and as such goes unnoticed by tourists which is too bad for them it's better than anything you're likely to stumble upon in the area.

  16. Barbara Joy C.
    • 291 reviews

    Dinner was flawless. It began with a shared starter of foie gras, accompanied by piping hot, scrumptious rolls. My husband had a souris d’agneau (lamb shank) with semolina and a honey-based sauce. It was stunningly good. My main course was a roasted bass filet on a bed of finely diced mushrooms cooked in butter (Duxelle de champignons), served in a pool of crème de bacon sauce. It was heavenly. We shared a fig-and-almond-cream tart for dessert. The pastry was light and flaky, and the figs were soft and sweet. So was the scoop of white chocolate ice cream. The value was incredibly good. Each two course dinner was just 27 euros. (Three courses would have been just 31 euros.) L’Alchimie remains my favorite restaurant in Paris. Hats off to Chef Eric Rogoff!

  17. Barbara Joy C.
    • 291 reviews

    We have dined at L'Alchimie many times; we are never disappointed there. The food has always been delicious, made with fresh ingredients, served beautifully. Chef Eric Rogoff brings joy to the table.

  18. Nanette M.
    • 27 reviews

    Creative menu and good value.

  19. Maria C.
    • 4 reviews

    Delicious, fresh, seasonal food; charming and efficient service.

  20. Barbara Joy C.
    • 291 reviews

    L'Alchimie has become my favorite restaurant in Paris. Chef Eric Rogoff features delicious cuisine made with fresh ingredients, creatively and beautifully prepared, and priced reasonably. He welcomes his guests with a smile, and makes everyone feel welcome. L'Alchimie has never disappointed us.

More information

Opening time

12-2pm, 7:30pm-10pm

How to get to the restaurant

34, rue Letellier, 75015, Paris, France

Public transport

Métro La Motte Piquet Grenelle

Directions to get there

Ticket restaurant uniquement le midi


Paris 15th, , Commerce - Dupleix, Eiffel Tower

About the restaurant

Creating a friendly, warm atmosphere with its country inn décor, Eric Rogoff invites you to relish an original, modern cuisine.

You would appreciate both traditional recipes like caramel-lined Foie gras terrine, and inventive dishes like Roasted quail fillet with liquorice-coated turnips.

Last but not least, L’Alchimie offers a lovely private room for your parties or corporate events.

Set menus at 18€ for lunch, from 24€ to 40€ for dinner.


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Restaurant can be privatized (40 people max)

Can be privatized, , Wheelchair Accessible

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