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  1. Leonidas S.
    Leonidas S.
    • 5 reviews

    Great burgers. Very tasty medium-done patty. And all that at a very reasonable price. Excellent overall.

  2. Axel F.
    Axel F.
    • one review

    Très bon !

  3. Vasiliki M.
    Vasiliki M.
    • one review

    We have called to ask them if they could accept a 5th person to the booking and they accepted. When we arrived they wanted to put us on a 4 persons table. Even with a reservation we had to wait 55 minutes to be served. The two out of three waiters was almost arrogant . Only the waiter with the long hair was descent. Food was ok . Green mango at Vleurgat has much better service and atmosphere.

  4. Julian Y.
    Julian Y.
    • one review

    The restaurant is in a lovely corridor in Brussels where many people come and gather to eat and drink some beer. The food was nice but will love if they had and English menu making foreign people easy. The service was not that good as there where only 2 waitress for a huge crowd.

  5. Michael K.
    Michael K.
    • one review

    Huge choice of good burgers, even if nit the cheapest, and nice service

  6. Ségolène J.
    Ségolène J.
    • 6 reviews

    Parfait !

  7. KEVIN A.
    KEVIN A.
    • one review

    Burger très bon, au top !

  8. Judith S.
    Judith S.
    • 3 reviews

    Good burgers, efficient and friendly staff, pleasant and young atmosphere. Good for an evening with some friends or family.

  9. Lucy D.
    Lucy D.
    • 44 reviews

    We've been to green mango a few times and were always happy with their beef burgers but this time we decided to try the chicken burgers and we were both very disappointed. The fries were still great though!

  10. Laurent B.
    Laurent B.
    • one review

    Excellent burgers.

  11. Najla B.
    Najla B.
    • one review

    Très bons burgers, je recommande !

  12. CESAR G.
    CESAR G.
    • one review

    The best ???? in Brussels!!!

  13. Romain D.
    Romain D.
    • 2 reviews

    Green mango ! Burger and juice !!! Il fait mega hot, sous la mega hotte

  14. Claire L.
    Claire L.
    • one review

    Excellent burgers et excellent service ! On reviendra !

  15. Achiel B.
    Achiel B.
    • one review

    We are vegetarians, and we were very sadly 'surprised' that there was only 1 veggie-burger left for us in your stock. On a friday evening, at 19.30? This shouldn't happen. I reserved the day before, and we even called the day itself to confirm the veggie-burgers are also vegan. So your kitchen should have been alarmed by that... So we shared one burger... I think the amount of meat & fish you serve, compared to 1 veggie-option is also quite poorly. So it's clearly not a vegetarian burger place, and so, not our place to be.

  16. Antonella S.
    Antonella S.
    • 5 reviews

    Best. Burger. In. Brussels.

  17. Gaurav G.
    Gaurav G.
    • 4 reviews

    Loved It

  18. Joaquin g.
    Joaquin g.
    • one review

    My wife and I are hunting for the best burger in Brussels and following some recommendations went to Green Mango. We tried the Bacon and Cheese and Le Brie (same as the three but with Brie cheese). Overall the burgers were good (6/10), though slightly over cooked. It seemed strange to me that they don’t ask you how you like your meat prepared. I volunteered the fact that we wanted it medium-rare, but it was cooked medium anyway. On the negative side, the beef patty was average, and the ingredients themselves were unimpressive. On the positive, the fries were good. The best part of the burger the bread, which stayed firm an didn’t crumble. Might return, might not.

  19. Olivier Z.
    Olivier Z.
    • one review

    Cuisine originale et service impeccable.