Flash Flash

Average price €20

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Not bookable on TheFork

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  1. Jane S.
    • 20 reviews

    very refreshing atmosphere

  2. Maurizio B.
    • 24 reviews

    The restaurant is nice, but the food is not very good, it is very simple. The wine list is not bad, but basic.It is ok to try, but I would not repeat.

  3. José Manuel M.
    • 18 reviews

    Estupendo! La hamburguesa cadillac impresionate, y la tortilla gallega ni os cuento!

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Opening time

Servicio ininterrumpido de 13:00 a 00:00 (de domingo a jueves), hasta la 01:30 (viernes y sábado)

Las reservas en la terraza están sujetas a disponibilidad y tienen un suplemento adicional.

How to get to the restaurant

C/ Núñez de Balboa, 75, 28006, Madrid, Spain

Public transport

Metro Núñez de Balboa (L5 y L9)

Directions to get there

Las reservas en la terraza están sujetas a disponibilidad y tienen un suplemento adicional.

Parking comunidad de usuarios Ortega y Gasset IV

Barrio Salamanca, Velázquez

About the restaurant

"In the heart of the Salamanca district, they have a bold and modern solution for your gastronomic outlets. It's the restaurant Flash , an innovative space whose minimalist style gives rise to a cosmopolitan atmosphere that stands out for its murals with photographic motives.

From their kitchen, send out delicious flavors and textures like those of the dishes of homemade tortillas made with a selection of seasonal ingredients. Among the most recommended are the truffle and cheese tortilla or the baker tortilla. Restaurant Flash Flash also has special dishes like Hamburger Monty and the beefsteak, which leads to a complete and varied menu that can adapt to all tastes.

Indulge yourself in a different environment: take a seat and close your eyes to enjoy delicious flavors. Without thinking about it, your best moments will be recorded as if the restaurant were photography... one, two, three, Flash Flash!"


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Restaurant can be privatized (9 people max)

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