à la carte


All tables are assigned in order of arrival to the restaruant.

Chef’s Recommendations

Veal canelloni with foie, truffle and cheese cream
Organic beef sirloin with Padrón peppers
Organic veal burger with seasoned potatoes
Veal hock with parmentier and sautéed vegetables (2 pax / price per person)
Backed little anglerfish from Roses with potatoes, rehashed garlic and chili pepper

Some appetizers to share

Coca bread with tomato and olive oil
Cantabrian anchovies with a savoury dressing
Hand-cut Iberian ham
Diced cod fritters with “Romesco” pepper and nut dressing
Home-made croquettes with Iberian ham
Grilled clams with lemon
Cheese fritters
Fried mini-artichokes with mustard


Caesar salad with farmyard chicken low-temperature cooked
Prawn and artichoke salad with "Romesco" sauce
Foie gras terrine with small nut toasts and sweet wine
Organic veal carpaccio, sweet wine, pine nuts and foie gras ice cream
Tuna tartar with soy and oyster sauce
Salmon tataki, white miso, green beans and sprouts
Sautéed mushrooms with foie and egg yolk
Algae-steamed vegetables with their sauces
Rigattoni with tomato, ricotta and basil
Grilled octopus with slow-roasted potatoes and red paprika garlic mayonnaise
Cannelloni with three roasted meats

Traditional catalan fare

Cod “a la llauna” with “ganxet” beans
Veal cheek over mashed potatoes, wine sauce and vegetable chips

With Delta rice

Fish and seafood paella
Seasonal vegetable paella
Creamy spiny lobster rice
Noodle “rossejat” with cuttlefish and prawns
Mixed paella
Spring chicken and mushroom paella

Egg-straordinary dishes

Potatoes and onion omelette
Fried eggs with seasonal garnish
Poached egg with mushrooms and "Perol" sausage

Daily fish and shellfish

Grilled monkfish with sautéed vegetables
Turbot with spring onion, garlic shoots, olives, tomato and chilli pepper
Grilled red shrimp (price according to market)
Grilled bluefin tuna with vegetables, honey and soy sauce with sesame
Grilled cod with sweet onion, ink and pesto sauce
Monkfish in marinera sauce with clams
Wild fish (in salt or Biscayan style) served with sautéed vegetables (for 2 pax - price according to market)


Slow-roasted lamb with potato, onion and tomato
Veal tenderloin with tarragon cream
Our salted meat with veal tenderloin served with Padron peppers
Roast suckling pig terrine with apple in different textures and sweet wine sauce
Charcoal-broiled shoulder of kid goat, pumpkin and little onions
Beef steak tartare

Executive Menu (drinks included)

This set menu includes:Starter + Main course + Dessert

Starters to choose

Green salad with fresh cheese

Rigatoni with tomato and basil

Vegetable wok with soy sauce

Main course to choose

Pork cheek with old-style-baked potatoes

Mixed Paella

Daily fish

Desserts and Drinks to choose

Assorted Desserts chart

Ice Cream

Water, glass of wine or beer or soft drink

Please note: The main courses listed above are susceptible to change depending on market availabilty. All changes are will be indicated.
By booking this set menu, you will be able to order either this set menu or "à la carte" if you change your mind.


Bottle of champagne
Glass of champagne
Bottle of water
Half a bottle of water
Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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