1. Arne j.
    Arne j.
    • 3 reviews

    Uninterested service, although a reservation of 8 person in advance , necessary to a long dialogue since the restaurant only noted 2 persons. Some of food ordered whas forgotten by the waiter , resulting in huge waiting for all food and irritation. Defenately not to be recommended

  2. John M.
    John M.
    • 3 reviews

    We went for a brunch and there was no cava. Service was ok.

  3. LUCIA D.
    LUCIA D.
    • 49 reviews

    O eres un tragaldabas o es complicado acabarselo entero,es enorme!¡

  4. Lorna C.
    Lorna C.
    • one review

    I liked it so much the first time that I ate there that I went again! This is close to the prado & botanical gardens but a favourite with locals- because the drinks are generous! I really enjoyed the food which was freshly prepared (the couscous was different on each night). The service was different on the second evening (which might explain the varied reviews about service?) but it was very busy and the waitress looked like she was tired from the heat (plus her English wasn't as good as the other waitress- but to be honest I could've made more effort to speak Spanish?! I reckon I would've been a bit forgetful if I was working on my own in 40 degrees in a different language). The service on the first night was excellent though so don't let any reviews of "poor" service put you off, the food & drink are great! Definitely recommend- but book because popular with locals.