Reviews Brussels Brasserie

based on 938 reviews
  1. Lucy W.
    • one review

    excellent half price deal, mussels and frites are yum!

  2. Sara C.
    • 8 reviews

    Was good and fast.

  3. Rob T.
    • 77 reviews

    Tres beau!

  4. Rob T.
    • 77 reviews

    C'etait excellent!

  5. David C.
    • one review

    Great location and good food.

  6. Sandra L.
    • 10 reviews

    Not bad but nothing special. We ate duck confit and cheese burger and the quality was medium but the location is amazing and the crew treat us very good.

  7. Tanya M.
    • 2 reviews

    Value for money!

  8. Rob T.
    • 77 reviews

    Formidable! J'aime, j'adore...

  9. Fabio Ashtar T.
    • 41 reviews

    Nicely furnished place but in q very central position. Appetizers were excellent, especially the fromage croquet. We waited a relatively short time for a serving of jamon and a duck considering that the place was almost full - which was predictable considering it was Saturday - but the meat was worth the patience. High-quality dishes overall, nice sides and amazing choice of beers. Some desserts, however, are not homemade. The staff is very kind and helpful, By the end of the day, the price is fair. We will definitely give it another try.

  10. Jeremy B.
    • 18 reviews

    Very well located on the grand place. The Fork offer was much appreciated to keep the overall bill within our budget.

  11. Stefania B.
    • 25 reviews

    By reading the comments, you know what to expect and don't go there with much expectations. We needed a quick bite before catching the train therefore it was fast (true waiter checked twice on the starter but I wasn't finished yet), good mix of croquettes and true staff makes a difference if you pay through The Fork (probably the manager has decided and the staff has more work for cheaper bills lol and might not be that happy) but 50% on food, that's a great deal. I wouldn't go there for enjoying my time, La Rose Blanche on the Square as well has tastier food for example. They force drink prices, 4eur for water and 5,5eur for a glass of wine so better drink wine! :) Waitress and bartender were smiling and welcoming. To sum up, you get 50% off the bill and the bill was correct, no trick.

  12. H. M.
    • 47 reviews

    Well balanced and tasty; friendly service

  13. Solomiya F.
    • 4 reviews

    The owner was very kind and patient at explaining us the Belgian kitchen giving us valuable suggestions. The food was good and portions big.

  14. Diego P.
    • 30 reviews

    Nice restaurant in the main square of Bruxelles. The main dishes are abundant, the starters are a little bit small. Cozy atmosphere. Overall a good experience.

  15. Loredana F.
    • 7 reviews

    Great service

  16. Diane R.
    • 6 reviews

    Excellent restaurant !

  17. António C.
    • 15 reviews

    Real good surprise. The food exceeded our expectations. And they were real nice

  18. Agneta L.
    • 2 reviews

    Very good food and service!

  19. Nora P.
    • 3 reviews

    Thé dessert needs to be improved.

  20. Claire w.
    • 4 reviews

    The food was prepared ya less cuz it was served right after the order. The pasta tastes like cantine and the French Fries are not quite good. It’s was nice tho the view of the palace but it was really a tourist restaurant