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Boston Steak House Rogier

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Hamburger végétarien
Boston salade (scampis)
Filet pur (+/-220gr)

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Special offer valid without any restrictions. You can eat what you want and enjoy your meal. The Special Offer is only valid "a la carte" and for the booked timeslot. Set menus and drinks are not included.

Ratings & Reviews

based on 751 reviews
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Quality of food :8.6/10
Service :8.5/10
Setting :8.2/10
  1. Angelica C.
    Angelica C.
    • 4 reviews

    A great discovery in the heart of Brussels, just in front of MStation Rogier, and in line of Rue Neuve shopping and but amazingly this steak house has all it's pride not to be disturbed by the pedestrians due to its large pavement around which is especially of their establishment, such a lavish thing in the heart of the city! As we entered the place, an Asian guy greeted us warmly at the door and guided us to our table, once seated, another very friendly waiter came to us and took care of our orders and making sure we had everything we need. The service is impeccably fast, precise and on top of it, they're really very friendly! The only thing that I think can be improved is that permanent smoke that jnvades the perfectly beautiful interior, i find it a pity. We were seated quite far from the kitchen yet we see still a vague smoke of grilling in some corners, nonetheless we had a great experience at Boston Steak House, we surely would return!!

  2. Salvador P.
    Salvador P.
    • 14 reviews

    Very good food and service, the only problem is the smoke in the place from the kitchen which could be improved

  3. Marc L.
    Marc L.
    • 18 reviews


  4. Isabella p.
    Isabella p.
    • 12 reviews


  5. Eliane C.
    Eliane C.
    • 44 reviews


  6. H. M.
    H. M.
    • 66 reviews


  7. Shpend S.
    Shpend S.
    • 55 reviews

    Service super sympas. Encore merci

  8. Cayo M.
    Cayo M.
    • 2 reviews

    the Food is very low quality , was terrible last experience here, and my clothes stink of chips. I never go again. Only the personal is very friendly

  9. Kurt A.
    Kurt A.
    • 3 reviews

    The waitress was very unfriendly and was complaining of the noise we made when most of the other customers made as much or even more noise than us. When it was the time to pay the bill, we wanted to pay separately and was very irritated about that and admonished us that next time one pays for everyone and the rest send him/her a bank transfer. The customer service was lacking.

  10. Sergio S.
    Sergio S.
    • 23 reviews

    I overall had a good experience, the only bad note was that the restaurant was full of smoke and my eyes got very hitchy, maybe there was a problem with the ventilation

  11. Eliane C.
    Eliane C.
    • 44 reviews


  12. Wu S.
    Wu S.
    • 34 reviews

    Really good service

  13. Alexis Z.
    Alexis Z.
    • 2 reviews

    A bit too smoky

  14. Rob W.
    Rob W.
    • one review

    We got there nice and early so the service was quick and efficient. It soon filled up and became noisier and busier and a lot more smoky! They really good do with better filtration and extraction of the cooking smoke from the kitchen. Apart from that it was great and the steaks very tasty. Another plus was they served the food to the whole table at the same time so no lengthy waiting for anybody

  15. Dimitri M.
    Dimitri M.
    • 11 reviews

    Good place to lunch.

  16. Anabelle o.
    Anabelle o.
    • 2 reviews

    Very busy, we didnt get seated until 30 minutes after our reservation. we were just standing at the entrance and servers just kept walking past us. Food came out quick though, i dont think 3 servers is enough for the whole place

  17. Rodolfo M.
    Rodolfo M.
    • 47 reviews

    I went to Boston Steak House Rogier with a friend on a Tuesday evening. The restaurant is really nice and "American looking" as a steakhouse should be. The dishes are plenty and tasty. Unfortunately, the restaurant was really crowded. This caused poor service, long waiting times, and high noisiness level. I recommend Boston Steak House Rogier only to those that want to eat good food, are not in a rush, and don't care too much about the service

  18. Salvo R.
    Salvo R.
    • 20 reviews

    The restaurant is also pleasant at lunch, although the evening is more suggestive. Unfortunately, lunch with grilled chicken was very disappointing. The quality, consistency and taste was very bad and hasty cooking. This is very unpleasant because the chicken in this restaurant has been excellent for years, it was the real point of difference, with the beef tenderloin, from other similar restaurants, even those nearby.

  19. Eliane C.
    Eliane C.
    • 44 reviews


  20. Vlad I.
    Vlad I.
    • 2 reviews

    Fast and friendly service. My grilled meat was great, very nicely cooked as per my preferences. Good chose of drinks and cocktails. I would come again for food and drinks, but maybe not a romantic dinner.

More information

Opening time

Non-stop service: from 12 to 11 PM (every day)

How to get to the restaurant

Karel Rogierplein 6, 1210, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium

Public transport

Metro Rogier (M2-M6) - Tramway Rogier (T3-T4-T25-T31-T32-T55)

Directions to get there

About the restaurant

THIS GRILL RESTAURANT with its exciting modern design, is on Saint Josse in Brussels, near to Place Rogier and Rue Neuve.

YOUR FAVOURITE DISHES, such as spare ribs or salmon fillet, are served by an attentive, cheerful young team.

GROUP MENUS - If you want to enjoy the meal with your friends and discover the restaurant specialties without spending a lot, try the menus specifically conceived for groups.


Barbecue, Burger, Tapas, Brasserie, Good for families, With friends, Cheap eats,


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