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Italian cheese

New Year's Menu €345.00

This menu includes: Chef's Welcome + Starter + First Course + Fish main course + Meat main course + Dessert

Chef's Welcome

Oyster and champagne - Culatello from Zibello veils with buffalo mozzarella and basil - Scottish smoked salmon with cheese cream and lime


Lobster with dried olives and buffalo mozzarella “snow”

First Course

Tarragon scented cappelletti filled with king crab

Fish main course

Monkfish with lemon scented seafood sauce and samphire

Meat main course

Crunchy veal filled with vanilla flavoured scorzonera and black truffle from Norcia sauce


Mango and passion fruit sphere with raspberries and champagne sorbet

Welcome to the New Year with “Modena IGP” boiled salami and lentils from Norcia after midnight - Wines included: Welcome flute of Champagne Cuvée Brut, Steinbrück / Pinot grigio "Le Rosse", Tommasi / Rosso di Montalcino, Pian delle Vigne, Antinori - Champagne or sparkling wine to toast the New Year not included.
Price per person. Drinks included. 31/12 diner.

Christmas Menu €155.00

This menu includes: Starter + Main Course + Fish main course + Meat main course + Dessert


Landes duck foie gras trilogy with plums, cocoa beans and Sauternes

Main Course

“Bottoni” pasta stuffed with Parmesan aged 48 months in double capon broth and cardoons

Fish main course

Salted codfish, black chickpea cream and white truffle scented potatoes mousse

Meat main course

Chard crusted veal loin with chestnut cream, turmeric scented potatoes and liquorice jus


Traditional panettone by our Pastry Chef leavened for 72 hours accompanied by chocolate and crème anglaise

Welcome flûte of Champagne Veuve Clucquot Cuvée Saint-Pétersbourg
Price per person. Drinks not included. 25/12 lunch.

Christmas Menu €125.00

This menu includes: Starter + First Course + Main Course + Dessert


Tuna variation

First Course

Ravioli with prawns, Mantuan pumpkin, foie gras and toasted almonds

Main Course

Seared turbot with quinoa, ginger scented clams sauce and turnip tops


Panettone mousse with chocolate and Marsala sauce

Welcome flûte of Franciacorta Cuvée Prestige Brut, Ca’ del Bosco
Price per person. Drinks not included. 24/12 diner.

Tasting with wines

This set menu includes:Starter + 2nd Starter + Main course + 2nd course + Dessert + Coffee


“Mazara del Vallo” red prawn - Cucumber – ginger – mango

“Le Fossette” Falanghina Brut Nature, Alberto Longo

2nd Starter

Fassona, wagyu and Prussian beef - Jerusalem artichoke – Cantabrian anchovies

“Donnadele” Negramaro Rosè, Alberto Longo

First course

Squared “De Cecco” spaghettone pasta - Garlic – olive oil – chili pepper – octopus

“Le Valli” Bombino Bianco, Alberto Longo

2nd course - fish

Confit salted codfish - lemon scented artichoke – crashed potato – pil-pil sauce

“Le Fossette” Falanghina, Alberto Longo

2nd course - meat

Iberian suckling pig pluma - Annurca apple chutney - potatoes

“Cacc’e Mmitte di Lucera”, Alberto Longo


René Magritte, Pear and roses (1969):

Ricotta mousse with pears and dark chocolate

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