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Popular restaurants in Paris

Popular restaurants in Amsterdam

Popular restaurants in Barcelona

  • Antigua

    €30 average price

    Score:9.1 (15,743 reviews)

  • Mirandoalmar

    €27 average price

    Score:8.5 (5,839 reviews)

  • Milo Grill

    €25 average price

    Score:8.5 (4,589 reviews)

  • El Martinet

    €20 average price

    Score:8.8 (2,865 reviews)

  • Sagués "Il Ristorante"

    €30 average price

    Score:9 (6,179 reviews)

  • 7 Portes

    €50 average price

    Score:8.8 (2,248 reviews)

  • Pulpería Can Lampazas

    €30 average price

    Score:8.9 (2,374 reviews)

  • Brasserie Flo

    €30 average price

    Score:8.4 (9,252 reviews)

  • Bimba's

    €30 average price

    Score:8.7 (5,633 reviews)

  • Miss Sushi - Aribau

    €20 average price

    Score:8.9 (3,037 reviews)

Popular restaurants in Lisbon

Popular restaurants in Madrid

Popular restaurants in Milan

Popular restaurants in Rome

Popular restaurants in Genève

Popular restaurants in Brussels

Popular restaurants in Stockholm

  • Usine Bistro 38

    SEK455 average price

    Score:8.6 (1,992 reviews)

  • Bistro Bon

    SEK395 average price

    Score:9 (1,159 reviews)

  • Almaza


    SEK0 average price

    Score:9.1 (434 reviews)

  • Bistro Rolf De Maré

    SEK300 average price

    Score:8.4 (1,099 reviews)

  • Taperian

    SEK390 average price

    Score:8.6 (735 reviews)

  • Maestro

    SEK325 average price

    Score:9.5 (237 reviews)

  • WÄNG Izakaya

    SEK390 average price

    Score:9.2 (921 reviews)

  • Holy Cow Vasastan

    SEK260 average price

    Score:8.9 (1,634 reviews)

  • La Nonna

    SEK455 average price

    Score:8.9 (606 reviews)

  • Curry Spice City

    SEK260 average price

    Score:8.5 (626 reviews)

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